Monday, February 20, 2017

The People Diaries - 5! :D

The person prefers to be known as anonymous!@

I don't know how we became friends. I mean I know how we became friends technically but I am just trying to show here how easy he makes it to trust him. He is one of the most chilled out people on the face of this universe and has always some new stuff working in his mind. He is full of new ideas and philosophies that he sometimes forgets himself on asking again. But if he calls you your own, you're lucky because he never hesitates to help you and to make life easier for you. He has his priorities clear in his mind - he will only do what his heart dictates - and sometimes talking to him can make your mind calm too, like still water and then you can see your own thinking being reflected in your conversation. He has varied interests and some kind of a spooky prediction thing going on for him too. Like magic.

3 words to describe yourself.

Elaborate. Specially on water.
Waves inside me. Sometimes wild, sometimes smooth, sometimes whirlpool which drags people around me in. I'm the water which can get what it wants. I enter a place and take all I want with me. If I want to turn golden, I can. If I want to become sweet, I can. I can do all I want. I can win all I want. I'm an ocean by myself. I have an ocean inside me. I'm passionate. I'm water.

This sounds so confident!
I'm pretty confident. I can get if really want anything. Things happen if I want them to

What is the source of all this strength?
Not that I know of any. Maybe faith. Faith in God, faith in myself, destiny, lucky.. blah blah blah. I think it's human nature. If wants anything, they will get it. Wo SRK wala dialogue.. puri kayanaat thing. [Kehte hain agar kisi cheez ko dil se chaho, toh puri kaayanat usse tumsse milane ki koshish mein lag jaati hai]

So it just comes naturally to you or you've cultivated this? This way of thinking?
What way of thinking? I didn't get you there.

This confident thinking that everyone gets what they want.. that I will get what I want. It doesn't come to everybody. So did it come naturally to you or you cultivated it that way?
My life had a few downs.. and a few ups too.. it's not like everything was awesome.
But it was never that a problem didn't end. It always ends. Maybe this small positive attitude made me so. Maybe coz I see this world to be beautiful. My home is beautiful. My school is. My taxi wala is. The sky is. I have faith in almost everything and everyone. It makes me believe that sab achcha hoga. And I have never wished bad for anyone. So here I am, wishing good for everyone, and getting good always.
P. S. I don't think any child around me prays for happiness of the whole world each and everytime he prays. I do it Bachpan se.
That's thoda positivity in me.

What made you realize that you were growing up?
Made you? I'm still growing.

Umm okay.. first grown up realization?
I don't think I understand this question. Can you answer it from your perspective so that I'm able to understand

Like..I realized that I was growing up when I started understanding the nature of relations. And also that so many things are temporary.

So didn't you have your moments?
My dadi and mom and everyone says I was born mature. Like I was never a kid. And no bachpana and no Masti and no gandi aadat. If my shirt is tucked in my pants early in the morning, it won't be out till night.
But yaa, I grew up. Maybe when I entered basketball and started doing good in it. Confidence aaya to talk to everyone and go out. Then High school became easier. Uske pehle I wasn't good in anything. So yaa. Bahut kuch aise hota Raha n I have been growing.

Okay :)

What do you want your story to say?
I don't have a story yet. I will have one soon!

What's the one thing you wished people knew about you?
That I am anti social. I can live alone. I don't give a fuck to this world.

Your biggest strength?
1. I know what people want and I'm able to give it to them. So a people's person.
2. My parents.

What are some of the things on your bucket list?

Whatever you have in your mind
Buy a hill. Build a fort on it. With narrow stairs and big basements and hiddens rooms and heavy wooden doors. Aive bas.

And continuing.. what according to you makes a happy life?
Inner satisfaction

What gives you satisfaction?
Satisfaction is not a thing for me. It is an attitude. A balanced satisfaction towards life. It has developed looking at my dad. Satisfied with what he has, not running behind extra money or incentives. He lives his life without any tension even when we are short of anything. Hard work se sab theek ho jaata hai. Tension se kuch nai hota. Patience and satisfaction keeps one happy.

And also, things/emotions you couldn't dream of living without
Aisa kuch nai hai jisse I couldn't dream to live.

What drives you?
I'm not driven at all.

Nothing motivates you or drives you? Nothing inspires!?
Nai. Nope.

Ye toh pehli baar sunne

So what do you fear?
Many things:
Old age
Aur bhi cheezein hongi :P

Most people ka main driver fear hi hota hai.. fear of not living up to your potential and stuff.
Ye sab bakwaas nai hai mere life mein!

[A/N - This ended a little abruptly but 'I am not driven at all' is one of the best answers I have received till date.]

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