Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Camp Things :)

Hi, I just got back yesterday from the whole Tumung-Dimna-Dalma thing and it was amazing. :D
I am still in the camp mode and I figured it's better to write about it now then later when my overthinking wrecks the whole thing (I can hear the approach of a tiny voice saying that I was just lucky) or time erases memories.
We had this feedback thing at the end of everyday where we would discuss things like strengths and weaknesses and improvement plans. It was a very good exercise - looking back at what you've learnt.
This post seemed to me something like that too. I learnt that sometimes you have to go against your body's instincts - to not buckle your knees when it seems safe and to not turn around when you need to see things, to let go, to enter the deep side of water bodies when you can't swim - the reward is so enjoyable. I guess you just need to say yes sometimes in life even when every instinct screams no because it could lead to wonderful things. Like the fact that I was so nervous to go this camp with this big group where almost every one knew at least one other person. I am glad I didn't say no.
I learnt it is okay to suck at things if you're enjoying them and you're learning something. The last day I think I held up probably 60 people behind me because I was so very slow climbing up this sort of mountain thing. I could see that it came so easily to other people. And I was panting and huffing and asking for "two minutes rest" every half minute. Hahaha. People started shouting from far down to hurry and tried to overtake me even and my mostly inaudible shut ups didn't work. I couldn't talk and kept charading answers and reactions. But when I finally got there it felt just as happy as none of this had happened.  To do something always wins over kich kich.
And obviously I learnt how important people are. I have known this for forever because I keep saying it but it is also important to assume that they are not bad in general. Even while I was failing and flailing there were still people who encouraged me and they still told me that I did good. Instructors even. Mostly with a smile they had just good things to say. Motivation actually works. It's something I didn't believe in but it actually does work. And teams stick. Even when they fail, it's nice to just stick together. Apparently no one points fingers too. I didn't see it in any of the 4 days. You hear things about how to improve but no fingers.
It's important to not assume things because you just ruin your own chances with that; this stands not only for being mentally discouraged before even starting to do things but also with things like making friends. One exception, like I said before, to this could be assuming that people are good. That they are not going to keep laughing at you while you continue sucking. And even if they laugh, it doesn't last and you learn to laugh along with all of them too.
So you can go without knowing anyone and come back with a friend or two or three or four or I don't know exactly how many.
Most importantly, you can come back to your boring old life where you are just two centimetres away from killing yourself but nobody, nobody at all can take away from the experiences you've had. You always keep it inside with the other things you've managed to collect during the camp to appease your hoarding instincts. And also secretly wish for it to be a start of something new.

This is my group 2. This is the only picture I found where we all were clearly visible.
I will start from the extreme end. That is our instructor at the end of the raft. Mahendra Sir (I hope I spelt it right). Now any other person would have shouted at me and called me 'buzdil' (lolololol, a small inside joke) but he didn't and I slowed him down so often but he was always so kind and gentle about it. So soft spoken, it's amazing really. :O I sort of lied to him once and I feel bad about it but it's okay.
The guy immediately in front of him with the plastic is Ganesh. And he sings so so so well.  The kind of singer I sometimes pretend being or write about wanting to be. And so patient and encouraging! Just nice person things. And we relate to Deepika on a personal level. Haha.
The guy in front taking the picture in yellow is Atul. Again, so friendly. And always smiling. And joking. He loaned me money but wanted 10 cakes as interest from my neighbor's mom but I think it's tough to make that happen. XD
These two were pretty much stuck with me 24 hours x 4 days. Them and their group. Them and their fun potty stories. I put responsibility on all of them to make sure I don't drift away with the river. I don't know what that was really about since I had a life jacket but well. Also they have this strange obsession with a song about gareeb Sudama going to meet Krishna.
Behind him on the left side is Ajit. He loaned me his shades for pictures voluntarily. And also took pictures voluntarily. Which means I should have a single picture somewhere. Hmm. O.o
Behind him is Pyare Puran. Gentle, soft spoken.
On the right side in blue is Arnab Sir. (I don't know about adding ji and sirs. I mean all of them were elder to me). He had come down all the way from Nagpur because of his mountaineering interests. Always had tips for everything, this man. Makes good khichdi and chokha.
Next is me in pink. I am awesome. Thanks.
Behind me is Ajay. He got his marriage fixed while at camp! Haha. It was a red moon day and we were camping and cooking by the river side when it happened. #justrandomthings
And all of them except sir have teased me so very much. But that's the story of my life. Being teased. Meh.
I hope all of them do really well and stay very happy. I don't know what happens next.

That's about it, I guess? Long post!
I have to go now anyway. So hungs. Kbye.

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