Wednesday, February 1, 2017

#28daysbloggingchallenge #day1

1. Your story/testimony.

Hmm, I don't have a very interesting story. Oh wait, the prompt didn't ask for one.

I am twenty two years old. Graduate. Currently at home. Wait let me try and do this better without stumbling.
Okay, I had a pretty decent normal childhood and very luckily I am a 90's kid. In my opinion 90's kids are the best. We've actually played and had fun and then we started with technology as well so we wouldn't be all out of touch and blah with it as we get older. All in right time. We have seen some really ridiculous trends, followed them and then laughed at them. Okay back to story.
Hmm, pretty average "consistent" student. Consistent being my dad's pet word. Always valued consistency over occassional brilliance. Always been quiet and shy. Used to attend religious classes which would have been shitty if not for my sister and my neighbourhood children. The teacher was cute only but we were stuck up and the lessons were dreary.
Oh, there was also drawing class and 2 separate dancing classes (one after the another, if anyone had any doubt). The first dance teacher was amazing. I think back to her often. The second one was stricter. Navratri was a thing for all of us but never liked it much.
My school was the best ever - Carmel Junior College. Some people like my principal Sister Flavian had a major role in the way I was brought up. If I think back, I can't exactly pinpoint what my school did for me but I know I could have been someone completely different if not for the surroundings I was in and the set of people surrounding me.
I was always I think the justice kind of person, usually didn't do wrongs or even cheat much playfully. Too conscienitious. Always friendly though. [Hey if I flip my ponytail, it goes past the tip of my nose. It's growing!]. Close friends changed very often until I came to the 9th standard. Kind of didn't like change. It's a different story now trying to embrace it.
And and what else? Always liked writing. I had all those secret diaries and shit written in code language if the diaries were not lock-able. The code couldn't even be deciphered by me myself a year ot two on. All that brilliance lost forever. I once wrote a poetry to be published in the local paper. Never gave it in. Have half a mind of turning it in now with the age at which it was written in just to satisfy my inner child. Once got a poetry published in a paper though for my class five teacher. Co-authored it with a friend. I like preserving and hoarding things but I think I lost that poetry clipping.
Don't trust deeply easily. Naive enough to believe people are good though. So always been friends with a small group of people at a time. Can't/don't dream. So still don't really know what to do with my life. Write such a lot about me and my life and yet don't want to confide fully ever. Might have prevented me from writing more. [or is this just a lame ploy to get people to think I am mysterious while I am just too lazy and busy multi-tasking and enjoying my music? You decide.]
Then was college which was tuning out and food and friends and growing into myself. Sucked when it ended. But things had started sucking for some time then. I had become way too snappy and irritable to be tolerated tbh. And I was scared for a good reason about college ending though, I can see the differences already. Graduating was being pushed into adulthood.
If we are strictly following the story format, I guess I have got it up to date. Say what. I will make this a February thing. Re-take this challenge and bring these things up to date. Try and see if I have any, any thing left from behind as well.

Did I miss out anything in my story? Comment below to make me fill in the gaps maybe!?

PS - This is my 201st post! :)


  1. I have a lot of gaps to fill... In fact, I have a comic book full of them Tell you what, I'll lend it to you sometime ;)