Monday, March 28, 2016

Artwork :D

I can't edit the format much so I can't really see how it looks on the webpage. But ya, simple and smart. It's a nice birthday gift. Yay. :D

Friday, March 25, 2016

Something I Will Forget In Two Days.

So how long before you burn a bridge when every second step gives away?

Draw a line.
Don't cross it.
Don't toe it.
Don't say anything.
Don't explain.
Don't ask.
Just listen.

How often I have repeated these instructions mentally!?

Poor menories can't win in life.
Sensitivity doesn't help you win in life.
Normalcy does.

Random Update #71626272

Its been a while.
Been slogging and wasting time alternatively. Half the things won't enter my brain anymore. The talked about, famous saturation point which occurs at the worst of times. Anyway, 20 days and 28 days to go respectively. We'll see.
Time goes so fast! Its been 6 whole months. Well, at least going to be. Sometimes you forget the things hurt you until you realize they start hurting you again.
So my cousin is getting published. As a co-author. So yaaaay. :D
And I think will rest now. I wasted a shit load of time today. :')
I am so tempted to go catch that movie on Sunday. But its too long to afford seeing it now.
Travel plans on my sister's end.

Life. :)

Saturday, March 19, 2016


It was International Women's Day on March 8th as I am sure everyone knows. :P
Got pretty excited about the Google Doodle. ( Also, got curious.

So I sent the following text to some people on my list -
So this is in regard to the Google Woman's Day Doodle if you'd seen it. They'd asked a group of women to complete the sentence starting with #OneDayIWill...
It was a good exercise because these women actually paused to think about their dreams.
So, today, I want to ask you the same. Complete the sentence.
Think about it for a day or two or whatever and get back to me.
Basically, yeah, I will compile and put it up. And it will be a list of all you stand for and all you want from life.
I hope you'll participate.
Thank you. :D

And here are the answers. :D

"#OneDayIWill be happy and successful. I don't know what I want to be, but I want to be happy and good at what I'm doing."
-  Aanchal Arora, perfectionist.

"#OneDayIWill earn so much money that my father won't need to work anymore."
- Aishwarya Verma, daddy's little girl.

"1) I will work so hard that #OneDayIWill become someone people don't forget.
2) #OneDayIWill have babies and give to them all the wonderful things life had to teach me.
3) #OneDayIWill make a positive difference in atleast three peoples lives
4) #OneDayIWill complete my bucket list which includes backpacking alone, all by myself and skydiving.
5) #OneDayIWill overcome my fear of not knowing my purpose in life by understanding I am blessed and i'm made for great things.
6) I will stand for my beliefs so that #OneDayIWill lead by example.
6) I promise myself that #OneDayIWill work or do something for those that I'm most passionate about - children. In however small my way might be
7) #OneDayIWill make my parents proud.                                  
8) #OneDayIWill go to The Holy Land."
- Andrea Pereira, goodness topped with a whole lot of cuteness.

"#OneDayIWill carry my own luggage and travel the world."
- Apurva Ramani, globetrotter.

"#OneDayIWill find the secret behind my favourite pieces of writing. Anything. Everything. What made the writers write them. Why they were written."
- Dipanjana Roy, mysterious muse finder.

"#OneDayIWill be a dead man.
#OneDayIWill will be the ultimate power.
#OneDayIWill be a besan ladoo."
- Deepak Puvvala, realist/honest for two seconds/food.

"#OneDayIWill, visit my dream city. London."
- Gunjan Mehta, almost British.

"#OneDayIWill lose some weight and get rid of all these pains and aches"
- Keshavi Velani, supermom/superperson.

"#OneDayIWill become a CA."
- Komal Kalsi, never stop learning.

"#OneDayIWill go to Greece."
- Kruti Mehta, adventurer.

"#OneDayIWill be in a hotel room alone, having tea, playing songs and listing out the places for my travel plans."
- Manjima Ghosh, music-in-my-heart.

"#OneDayIWill finish reading all the books I want to.
#OneDayIWill go to the moon."
- Meenal Velani, Moony :).

"#OneDayIWill turn a desert into a grassland. That is what I want to do and I will do. Dig and make a river flow into the desert. Fishes in the river. Wild grass growing everywhere. Some trees. Bring life in a desert where no human had ever stayed. Some might have just crossed that patch of desert.. without even paying heed to it, like it was dead. I want to bring life into it. Next time when a wanderer crosses that piece of land, he stops there. Drinks water from the river, freshens up. And he moves on. That piece of land will share life with wildlife and vegetation and aquatic animals and water. And even the rarely crossing wanderer."
- Navjot Singh, dream big, do bigger.

"#OneDayIWill put the 'Been There' sign to 99 countries of the world."
- Purbali Mukherjee, live-it-all.

"#OneDayIWill attain complete inner peace and always laugh like laughing Buddha, also inspire others into positivity."
- Revati Shaw, positivist.

"#OneDayIWill retire in a house in the hills with my pet Labrador."
- Rhea Bannerjee, animals>>humans.

"#OneDayIWill make a difference in somebody's life.
#OneDayIWill be rich and successful."
- Samanber Hasnain, making a difference.

"#OneDayIWill live in a world I dreamed of."
- Saloni Malhotra, dreamer.

"#OneDayIWill change somebody's life in a good way.
#OneDayIWill be the hotshot CEO of an amazing startup."
- Sayontani Das, chasing independence.

"#OneDayIWill give people the confidence to smile and better their lives and smiles through my service."
- Shivangi Shekhar, do-gooder.

"#OneDayIWill be a successful baker. Not just an amateur one. But oh, she was my inspiration for this cake kinda baker."
- Shristi Kothari, BatterBox Queen.

"#OneDayIWill live in a world where feminism isn't required and men and women are finally treated as equals. And the fact that biased social justice is needed to achieve this equality is understood."
- Sneha Shaw, feminist.

"#OneDayIWill own a beautifully furnished house with a beautifully decorated bedroom which would have a 65 inch tv and the thickest and softest mattress."
- Tanya Anand, smallest pleasures in life.

"#OneDayIWill sing a song of success to my parents. That fine day I will let the little world know how nosediving into optimism and believing in the Almighty can do wonders .My mom, my dad have raised me up.. and always will..but that one day is going to be their reward for the sacrifices they have made for me. That one day is the most awaited day of my life."
- Tanvir Panesar, achiever.

PS - Currently my one reads -
 "#OneDayIWill lead/create something which is great, big, and powerful in its beauty and positivity!" Basically, yeah, want to be Hank Green and John Green. xD

Sunday, March 13, 2016


As I was talking to my friend, I realized I am a little off in my head. My mind, when left alone to function, runs 10^50000000 kilometres. So, in my head I might have turned into an alien and so many people have died and I might be on a stranded land speaking a foreign language. But in reality, we are just in class listening to a lecture (Bengali one, if in tuition), and you will have no idea what the fuck just happened when I turn around and say 'But its your fault the paper turned purple and had to be thrown and the last tree in Pluto had to be cut down. All because of you.'

Yeaaah. Not only are we not on the same page we are not even talking about the same book anymore. I am already in the fifteenth book away from you.

That's why its important for me to meet people in real life. To realize that my mind is playing funny games in my head. To convince myself its not real. Also, I think my #OneDayIWill just might have changed. It might have changed to #OneDayIWill find peace. So much peace.

Lastly, leave some feeback or comments or whatever about the things you read - good or bad. Because it feels awesome. :D

Nope didn't study a bit today. Philosophy > studies. I will fail and no one will marry me because my marksheet will show red lines all around.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Random Link!

I enjoyed reading this.. Like this piece in general. :D

The Subtle Art of Not Giving A Fuck.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Till Death Do Us Part.

She woke up, breathless. She had had been having nightmares since ages now but this had to be the worst. She had been talking a walk in the garden, humming to herself, really happy. The garden eventually turned thicker, a forest type thicker. A robber suddenly came and grabbed her from behind. She tried to fight back but the grip was too tight. Panicking, she then hit him repeatedly and then heaved a suprisingly heavy boulder at him. It hit him straight on his head and she escaped. All was good for a while as she fled the scene but then she tripped on the undergrowth and fell facedown. This was the point where she woke up. Sweating and still woozy, it took her five minutes to realize where she was. She heaved a sigh of relief. But she realized with a chuckle that she had been thrashing about so much that she had somehow reached his side of the bed. Thank God he had said he would be home late and not to wait up. A kick or a punch in her sleep and he would have never let her hear the end of it. This had been so, so real. She would tell him all about it tomorrow. Her feet were hurting again. She would definitely have to see the doctor about it tomorrow. Oh tomorrow is a long way off, she thought in her sleepiness. She turned over and went to sleep ignoring the faint noises coming from the neighbours. Late nights and young blood.

The telecom operator received a call. "Hello 911?" "Yes, state your emergency?"

He lay there, thinking about what had just happened. He should have listened to her, should have not gone to the party at all. It was taking him all he had to not shut his eyes.

He had crept in noiselessly and had walked straight to the balcony to catch some fresh air (let's be honest, to get rid of the stale cigarette smell before he went back). She walked towards the balcony, towards him with a smile and then right past him. Oh, so this is her way of disapproving, of getting back at me when I go out when she asks me not to, he thought. He did what he always did to cheer her up. He grabbed her from behind. She started thrashing him; it had actually started hurting. He looked at her in alarm - too stunned to say anything. Next thing he knew that the flower pot landed on his face and his head split into two. He collapsed into a pool of his own blood. She ran over the flowerpot debris without stopping and after stumbling on the carpet, fell facedown in her bed. He tried calling after her but his voice was just a faint pleading, a moan.

He lay there wondering whether this was the last mistake of his life. His last thought before he slipped out of consciousness was of all the other mysterious nightly murders that had been happening more frequently than before..

"We, right now, are prisoners in a cave"


Saturday, March 5, 2016

Favourite-ish Hymn :)

I always loved singing this which is morbid, but anyway.

Agonizing heart of Jesus
Agonizing heart of Jesus
Have pity on the dying
And mercy on the dead
Eternal rest grant to him O! Lord
And let perpetual light
Shine upon him
May he rest in peace
May he rest in peace


Friday, March 4, 2016

Really Sucky Mood Post.

You have brains in your head.
You have feet in your shoes.
You can steer yourself in any direction you choose.
You're on your own.
And you know what you know.
And YOU are the one who'll decide where to go.
- Dr. Seuss

Of course there was something wrong with the formatting that didn't let me put quote marks! This is one of the pieces I received in that email thing from a senior. :)
It says all you need to hear really. Whatever you are doing, you choose. You have the power. Believe, decide. Maybe it is not making sense anymore?
I sent an email to my heroes. Maybe they will reply. Maybe they won't. I will die if they do. <3

I don't know how to make it okay. Let us concentrate on what we can make okay. Our exams, for example. Let us remove unhealthiness from our hearts. I sound like I will start singing Our Father in Heaven.

Just watched some videos. I will be fine. :)

Edit - JK. I am a very horrible person. Even as I feel my anger ebb away, I know I am wrong but maybe it will all always be this way. Maybe its destiny telling me I need to die friendless or end up as the crazy cat lady. Except wait, crazy dog lady. There was this really nice interview question I had thought of. Damn I forgot.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

What. Is. Up. Me. Knows. Not.

Its just 2:19 and I am already sleepy. Had planned to stay up today. But my brain is super fried and can't take any new information.
Trying so hard to fit it all in within time. Giving it so much time. But nope. Won't happen. :/
Approximate 46 units in total. Finished 23/5. That 3/5th took the life out of me. Please make me fast. Plisssss.
Certain goals in life I have made. :/