Sunday, March 13, 2016


As I was talking to my friend, I realized I am a little off in my head. My mind, when left alone to function, runs 10^50000000 kilometres. So, in my head I might have turned into an alien and so many people have died and I might be on a stranded land speaking a foreign language. But in reality, we are just in class listening to a lecture (Bengali one, if in tuition), and you will have no idea what the fuck just happened when I turn around and say 'But its your fault the paper turned purple and had to be thrown and the last tree in Pluto had to be cut down. All because of you.'

Yeaaah. Not only are we not on the same page we are not even talking about the same book anymore. I am already in the fifteenth book away from you.

That's why its important for me to meet people in real life. To realize that my mind is playing funny games in my head. To convince myself its not real. Also, I think my #OneDayIWill just might have changed. It might have changed to #OneDayIWill find peace. So much peace.

Lastly, leave some feeback or comments or whatever about the things you read - good or bad. Because it feels awesome. :D

Nope didn't study a bit today. Philosophy > studies. I will fail and no one will marry me because my marksheet will show red lines all around.


  1. Chee chee! Worried about marriage!! And at such a young age. smh.

    1. Some people don't have their life figured out, no. :/
      Not lucky like you :/:/:/:/