Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Today I decided to write about only happy things. My head feels super clear today and this is going to be my weapon against major boo-boos. I asked quite a lot of people their happiness feels and these are the responses. I advise you to not read it like some random listicle but rather try and enjoy whatever applies to you. :)
It's long but strong. XD

Baby elephants.
Potty after a long time. Okay fine, relieving yourself after a long time.
Winning an intellectual argument.
Mother's love - specially a mumma hug.
Waking up to a text that says you matter or that you should smile more or that you are missed.
Getting wet in the rain.
Genuine apologies.
Honest compliments.
Good hair days.
Daddy's love.
Chocolates. Them melting in your mouth actually.
Ice Cream. That extra scoop.
Reading a good book.
Feeling motivated.
Having direction.
Finishing your work.
Peaceful sleep.
Walks. On windy days!
Songs that captivate you so much that you are incapable of shifting even an inch.
Relating to movies and quotes and books.
Suddenly realizing one day that you've got over it or you aren't afraid of it anymore or that you've outgrown it.
Early Mornings.
Late Nights.
New clothes.
Surprise gifts.
Tea when it rains.
When your crush smiles at you or talks to you.
Hot shower.
Cold shower in Kolkata in the summers.
Favourite songs playing on a shuffle.
Beaches. Walking on beaches. Your feet touching the water.
Class cancellations. Some kind of additional pleasure when it is a college Math class.
Fresh, bright flowers.
Rain dance.
Flattering pictures.
Taking off those jeans and that pair of horrible shoes at the end of the day.
Games like Life, Taboo.Winning stupid childish games.
Getting complimented that you're funny.
Sing-a-thons at your loudest.
Being the favourite. :')
Dancing to old tunes.
A long drive.
Sleeping underneath the stars. What's even better? Sleeping underneath the stars on grass.
Fitting into an old/ a desired dress.
Candlelight dinners.
Re-watching old movies. Sappy gooey ones. Chick flicks.
Birthdays. Birthday gifts.
Fast bikes.
Getting all sappy just because.
New book smell.
Train Rides.
Sunny afternoons in winter.
Finding money randomly.
Coconut chocolates.
Sitting by the window.
Soup on a rainy day or when you have cold.
Coffee on a winter evening.
Clouds. Specially out of an airplane window!
Making someone happy. Being the reason behind someone's smile.
Saying thank you.
Realizing (in a good way) that you are so indebted to some people that you could never repay them - parents, teachers, staff, friends whoever!
Home alone.
Your pet soft toys.
Wasting time.
Hopping and skipping.
An indulgent nap.
Finally one-upping your sibling or at least finally getting through their thick skin, just enough to annoy them.
Believing in certain public figures so much like musicians and actors that you really don't feel they could be bad people and suddenly you're planning your future with them and you totally belong with them - how could you not with the strong attachment you feel!? ;)
Meeting old friends.
Meeting new people.
Learning something you like. Learning anything new - instruments/language/dance.
Adventure Sports.
Kala Khatta golas (with extra salt!).
Harry Potter.
Dressing Up.
Happy dancing at loud parties.
New Shoes.
An amazing boss.
Meenal and Khushboo. *that would be mom*
Your children doing well.
Getting respect, getting importance because you are old, wise and wrinkly.
People checking in on you with actual concern.
Waking up to your husband's and baby's face.
Looking at your baby play and grow.
Unhealthy, tasty food. Cheesy food. Going to that favourite food joint after a loonngg time! Franks, Amar Market, Manish Chat, Jagdish Gola, to each his own! :D
Passing when you're pretty sure you wouldn't. Getting more than 60. Jokes.
Something you create unexpectedly becoming amazing.
Creating something of your own, really. Appreciation for something like that makes you a queen. In my mind, of course.
Self enlightenment.
Realizing that that shit doesn't matter.
Going out. Letting your hair down.
Good grades. Knowing the answers.
Perfect days.
Travelling with friends. Possibilities of adventures.
Getting high on sleep deprivation.
Moments which while you are in want never to end.
Feeling loved.
Forehead kisses.
Happy Endings.
Warm hugs. Unexpected hugs.
Home coming.
Mommy-made food.
Cold coffee.
Being good at what you're doing.
A good swim.
Best friend time.
Time with your friends.
Admitting you're not okay, making a scene and then getting on with it.
Meeting someone after a long time.
Fights getting resolved.
Finding it difficult to say goodbye to someone/something.
Your hard work being appreciated/paying off.
Looking back at memories.Photo albums. Better yet, slam books,
Old book smell.
The perfect dress.
Sharing a good laugh about how big a deal things were in the past and how silly they seem to be years later.
People you can be yourself with.
Not having to set an alarm after a crazy ass exam.
Kind people.
Old people.
Babies and everything baby -  baby videos, baby laughs, baby hands, baby feet, baby smell, baby touch, whatever baby thing you can think of! :)
Pets. Them brushing up against you.
The weighing machine needle going down.
Dad's big hands. Big hands really.
Smiling like an idiot because no wrong can bring you down.


  1. Wow d list can go on n on....In dis stressful life u stil hv small moments to b happy abt...


  3. One should bookmark this and read it everything one gets sad and cannot find happiness in anything. This list is Great :D

    1. Yaa maaan. All good things you can think of in one place. :D

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