Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Unfinishes Ones.

I think what sucks more than sad endings are the unfinished ones. Unless well, sad endings result in gory deaths after a lot of torture.

Sad endings make you sad and make you grieve. You still do process the emotions. But the unfinished ones? They gnaw at you. You think about such stories everyday. All those words you didn't say and all those feelings you couldn't say - you live with them. With unhappy endings you know it wouldn't work. You knew you tried. And then came failure. Some sort of satisfaction. And you can maybe think of moving on. How do you move on from something that never happened? And worse, what if you die, still with that gnawing, that irritation inside?

Here's to all that has remains unexpressed.
Hoping everyone gets the chance to reveal their inner person.

In other news, I want to talk. Grieve some. But I kind of can't talk about it. So letting it go with the best of wishes for myself too.

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