Sunday, June 28, 2015

Staying Neutral.

Staying mentally neutral is a gift, I realize. Staying blank protects you from yourself. The more I think about it, the rarer it seems. How many of us can really say that we are actually focused a full 100% on what we are doing? Even right now, while I am typing this on my phone, half my attention is on the top of the screen, for new notifications.
For some people, its harder to escape this prison. To maintain calm. Its a funny game actually. Because you yourself are the prisoner and determine his behaviour, you also are the warden of this prison and you decide the punishments.
Punishments? Funny right? But its true. How many times has your mind created problems where they weren't any? How many times has it pushed people away? Or made you drown in your misery? Make you feel sorry for yourself?
If only the antidote to over-thinking was easy to find! You could try meditating, talking it out, whatever. But the mind still feels like a ticking time bomb. A venomous snake. Which renders you immobile in the end.
I have found that if you tire yourself out, you won't think as much. But any other suggestions to just stay afloat mentally are more than welcome. It is so much better *sometimes* to take things at their face value and not read too much into things. But as I said, some people find it harder to escape. I can think of miraculous solutions that can never happen. So I want a more conventional way! :P And that too fast. I can see it doing harm. Not only spreading poison in my veins (lol I had this mini attack which feels even more scary in the dark and so I chose to write about it - to placate that feeling of.. Of.. I don't know.. I guess helplessness) but harming others as well.
If only.
Till the next time.


  1. You really have a very busy mind, thinking about all these stuff. And then thinking about thinking them :D

    I like this piece. It is true, it would be so good if we could just stay mentally neutral for a while

    1. Tooo busy. Could do with a vacation myself. :P
      Yaa, soooo good!