Saturday, June 6, 2015


Sometimes, the worst fights you have are with yourself. Well, I can't generalize because I don't know but the some of the worst fights I have had were with myself.
I know this comparison is used very frequently but its really true.
Its exhausting, the swimming against the tide. You push and you push and you push. You fight and struggle. Yes, you get somewhere but relieve yourself for a moment. Stop the struggling. Feel the energy when you get to swim with the tide instead of against it. You might even enjoy the sea. Let your heart decide for you sometimes and let it flow. Whatever you decide, its okay. It works for you. Because you do know what you need at that time.
Life isn't about being hard on yourself and living by lists or letting society put your thoughts and relations into boxes. Enjoy being someone different, someone unlabelled. There is SO much peace if you can convince yourself of that. So much energy in that which could be otherwise used productively elsewhere. The relief of not letting your mask slip. Hah!
Forgive me for going into economics, but maybe its something like supply and demand. You choose a thing you want, a person you want to be. But its difficult because there is no supply of others like you, so you don't know where you fit in, It is definitely better to get over it though. Even if you are wrong, the next time you will demand something different for yourself.

Till the next time. :)

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