Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Mind.

Waiting again. Frustrated again.

Some more waiting made the anger go away and then exhaustion set it. All the fighting that she was unaccustomed to, all those misery and lies. Nobody made her feel this way. They were all so level-headed, So... stable.

Yes, there were many other stable people but none as intoxicating. None that made her leave her shell. None as infuriating but endearing at the same time. None who did as he wished but was still responsible. None that made her feel like their own that way. None as reckless but safe. None she dared to dream with her eyes wide open. None she had come to learn to depend on,

None that could make her feel as miserable. None that could trick her with their words. No one she broke ties for. No one as whimsical. But whenever she asked herself why, she knew the answer. Because in those few moments she did not feel like a plain Jane. All other things paled in comparison. It felt unadulterated in its goodness. It made sense even when all logic was against it. Yes it was true then. Nobody made her feel that way.

So she did wait for the whirlwind. Waited for it to make her feel alive.