Monday, June 15, 2015

My Life at this Moment in Time

I always worry with the capitalization of my title. What should be in capitals? :O

Anyway, today is a worrisome state of affairs.
Sickness changes everything. It changes how you see people and changes how sensitive you are. And as a caretaker, if you are one, you simply can't fall apart. I read this list of today, quite randomly really, on Quora about how to behave with the terminally ill. Depressing.
Other than that, I don't know when I am going home. While it is true I am with mom and dad, so I can't really be cribbing, but home is home. Because homeeee. Felt that ring of niceness that comes with saying home? :)
Plus, GOT to meet Deepak among other people. Really missing having him around and tell him my really boring tales. This time around I miss him more - can't explain why. Probably to catch up on all the lost time. Also, I will finally get the ice cream he owes me since over a year so that's a bonus. Home. :)
And no matter when I go home I might just have to come back for the 21st of this month - already bought the tickets for the Vir Das show.
Even if I do arrange for someone else to take my tickets, I have to be back by the 30th to shift.
And shift to where? I have no fricking clue where because I haven't found a place. The few places I did see made the place where I currently live seem amazing. But there have been issues. I don't know. Plus I gave my word that I am shifting. So that's that.
And the exams I have from the 8th. Maths. I just have to pass them but I don't know if I can even just pass. I should probably take my books home, but who ever felt like studying at home? Home is pampering and good times and happiness. Not breaking head over Math. But I HAVE to pass these.
If I say all this, then I am 'irritating' and 'complainer-boxish', but how can I not worry? There is no time! And its not something trivial - I just might end up homeless and also be a failure.
To add to that got a visit from the friendly monthly visitor just after thinking how difficult it would be to cope over here.
Also, the courier I have sent out to my sister. Her birthday present still hasn't been received by her 15 days post her birthday. More than 15 actually. I already reposted it once. Won't do it again.
I got scolded for doing 'kich kich' when I was just being chirpy. Yet I know they want me to be chirpy. I wish adults would just stop being so confused all the time!

No cheerios.
Only bye.


  1. Sometimes u feel damn irritated n frustrated...but if u wnt feel such emotions then ur not gonna respect much happiness in ur life !!
    There's always a way out khushboo :)

    1. Yaaa.. I will keep that in mind! :D