Friday, June 26, 2015

Constant Scaredy-ness

I know I could have just typed constant fear, but after Moody's 'Constant Vigilance', fear didn't seem all that appropriate.

So, what happens when you start fearing losing something?
What do you do then?
Face your fears or just deny them until they conrner you and paralyze you?
Hide things away and hold on to them so tightly that it all starts slipping from in between your fingers? Or just avoid it from the start, have an aloof approach, tell yourself you don't want it, so that it doesn't sting as much?

And and and, no wait! What would be even more hilarious?
(I just saw 'Silver Linings Playbook' yesterday and want to use the word parlay)
What if like a parlay parallel thing happens to your fear - whereby you are already afraid and then you become afraid of being afraid? That becomes some next level stuff. Unstable stuff!

Either way, the outcome of fear can't be good!

Reminds me of a quote I had stored away a long, long ago. Like had to open my PC ages ago -
"When you see the beauty somewhere, when you fall in love with something, the next impulse that comes in you is to possess it, have it.. and, when you have it, it loses all its significance."
I had been thinking of this quote as rather untrue in the past couple of days. I always thought you value things over. There is another angle to it, I realize. It does not lose its significance because it stops being beautiful. You just can't enjoy the beauty because you are blinded by your fears. The fact that it is here and now and yours gets its weightage reduced because of your weird wiring.

Oh, humans! XD

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