Thursday, October 20, 2016

Of course I am doing this when I am supposed to be sleeping.

Today was such a horrifically busy day. But I am glad I am through with all my work for today. Wuhoo.
It's good you know. Being here. Dealing with newer kinds of shit. Learning mini lessons, soms just in time. Other things that creep me out. And its good being busy. It is also good not being the smartest, or the second or the third smartest. Maybe it sounded like it had a negative connotation but no. It is actually good to sit and listen to some people just speak. I am so glad to be learning new things all around me, just by striking conversations.

Vishesh Tippanis -
Change can be good only if you learn to embrace it.
It is sometimes the best strategy to be cautious.

Jk. Look at me being all lol.
I will sleep now.
Let's see what tomorrow brings!

Monday, October 10, 2016

Greetings from Mumbai! :D

This marks my one week in Mumbai.
I don't know if time was fast or slow. I think it was really slow when it was slow but picked up when I wasn't looking!
Internship is fine, good actually. And through my online internship, I even became a published writer! :D
Finished Fountainhead and it was very interesting and nice. The first parts were very relatable. I really really understood what the author was trying to say. Couldn't understand the heroine though. I got lost about her sometime in between. Time for a new book.
And what else? I work for 5 hours and travel for another three everyday. But I don't feel much like an outsider here. Feel pretty chill. Office complex is naaaiiice! :D
I feel myself becoming lazy which is not allowed at all!!

Time for early mornings again. Theek acche. Good Night budsss!