Monday, October 10, 2016

Greetings from Mumbai! :D

This marks my one week in Mumbai.
I don't know if time was fast or slow. I think it was really slow when it was slow but picked up when I wasn't looking!
Internship is fine, good actually. And through my online internship, I even became a published writer! :D
Finished Fountainhead and it was very interesting and nice. The first parts were very relatable. I really really understood what the author was trying to say. Couldn't understand the heroine though. I got lost about her sometime in between. Time for a new book.
And what else? I work for 5 hours and travel for another three everyday. But I don't feel much like an outsider here. Feel pretty chill. Office complex is naaaiiice! :D
I feel myself becoming lazy which is not allowed at all!!

Time for early mornings again. Theek acche. Good Night budsss!