Thursday, March 3, 2016

What. Is. Up. Me. Knows. Not.

Its just 2:19 and I am already sleepy. Had planned to stay up today. But my brain is super fried and can't take any new information.
Trying so hard to fit it all in within time. Giving it so much time. But nope. Won't happen. :/
Approximate 46 units in total. Finished 23/5. That 3/5th took the life out of me. Please make me fast. Plisssss.
Certain goals in life I have made. :/


  1. That's because you study in too much detail. Skim off the top and learn only the important stuff. Then life will be awesome.

    1. That is true.
      But what does it matter? What does anything matter? Everything is going to suck all the same.