Friday, February 24, 2017

#28daysbloggingchallenge #day23

The joys of blogging.

Hmmm, numerous at the expense of the people who actually read this shit. XD
I have a whopping 8 legit followers now. :P
Well mostly the fact that I can write whatever I want to, whenever I choose to. It's public yet it's private. I mean I don't hold illusions that I can be super blunt here but it's nice and comfortable.
Blogging just feels like my thing. You get to write and that too without anyone breathing down your neck commanding you what to write on.
You can cuss, share your obsessions and be happy and sad and give yourself important life lessons and maybe even reach out sometimes. This whole thing was made for reaching out tbh. A lot happened since. My first post is somewhere way back in 2014!
And just as an added happiness thing, it always feels nice when people actually read it. To cross viewcounts and adding countries of the viewers list shouldn't make me happy but it does! It does! And just sometimes someone comes up and says something about how relatable it was or how nice it was and the world seems a better place.
It also makes good conversation sometimes.. and makes me slight more interesting. :P
Haha kidding, kidding.

Have a nice day peeps! :D

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