Sunday, February 26, 2017

#28daysbloggingchallenge #day25

Letter to your 16 year old self.

This question would have been more suitable if I had been like 40-50. What about the 16 year olds that take this challenge, huh? Anyway let's get on with it.

Dear 16 year old Khushboo Velani,

You've got a dozen shitty pet names by now!
Hi! I have so much to tell you!
First off stop worrying. It's been 5 years and nothing has worked out yet either. Your worry is futile. It didn't get you anywhere.
Instead read more and more like you used to when you were younger. It will really open your mind. It also makes you stop worrying. And, well, neglect real life.
Things you never foresaw are going to happen. Like with dad. But you'll survive. You'll survive everything and grow stronger every single day.
You are going to feel like giving up a million times. Things are going to go way, way, way downhill but it'll be okay. You'll fight it off because you will be trying so very hard. Learn to be proud of it.
And be gentle about it. It's all a-okay! 
Stop worrying about college too! Admist all this suckiness, your college friends will have a big hand in getting you through shit. They're some of the nicest people you meet. First days are always horrible. Get used to that fact. Last days will be even more horrible. Get used to that too.
Learn that you won't always get your way. You will just have to let go. You will still have many of the same people in your life, but your relationship with them will mature significantly.
You think you're wise but you haven't yet scratched the surface. As you go out, you'll meet a lot of grey and the grey will make you question everything you knew to 'be true'.
You'll learn slowly that this world is too big for stereotypes. No persons fit into a box. Take your time with them. Figure them out. You'll enjoy it.
Soon you'll realize you love Economics but after graduating in it you will not love it as much. Just a small indicator of so much change to come.
You have to learn to just let people be sometimes. Even they are going to change and the way you perceive them is also going to change. 
Sometimes you will have to live with not knowing the reasons. And this is not a growing up thing. It's a life long thing. Start growing comfortable with it.
Oh, oh, adulting sounds scarier than it actually is. Don't get me wrong all this responsibility is scary but becoming your own person is the best thing ever. I know you hate growing up, but you will anyway. Stop stressing out about it as well!
Similarly there will be some things which will make you want to say no. I cannot emphasize this enough but - START SAYING YES. MAKE A FOOL OUT OF YOURSELF. PLEASE!
Haha, five years on, you'll have faced some of your major fears and acted on some of your dreams. 
You'll realize how trivial some things are.. so trivial you probably won't remember them after a point. You still need to remember not to fret about it though.
You'll learn your lessons.
You'll have been writing for a long time!
You'll meet Sister Flavian a lot too!
And oh, you'll finally shift after 5 years. I know they started talking about it then itself, but it's going to take a lot of time to come to action.
All in all, it's a good life.
Always remember - stop stressing and say yes. 

I will see you in a while!



  1. "First days are always horrible. Get used to that fact. Last days will be even more horrible. Get used to that too." <3