Wednesday, February 8, 2017

#28daysbloggingchallenge #day7

8. Music that moves you.

Off the top of my head, most things by Coldplay and old stuff by Linkin Park. 2-3 old songs by Eminem. The Fight Song. The Nights and even Dare You in the new-ish music.

Actually it also depends. If I start thinking of back stories to go with the songs, so many would me. There was this Guetta song. The guy dies trying to save the girl by going back in time. People dying in 3-4 minute music videos is bad. :P
Oh ya, remembered the song - Just one last time.

Sometimes some lyrics take me back. Or make me imagine scenarios where I could potentially relate to them. Or the music is amaze. Many times such things "move" me to the point of obsession after which I start to bore of them. But I could also potentially return to them. The possibilities are endless. This is a very vague question and I cannot answer it adequately enough.