Saturday, February 25, 2017

Guest Post(s) Day! (#day24)

Get a guest to write a post.
Boo you prompts. I will get multiple people to write posts. Here they are in order of submission! :D
Big shout out to these guys. :)

"I used to be a happy kid, but probably fused a wire in the laughter board while growing up, then I realised, the problem wasn't just mine, infact the whole world needed a fix. Laughter did not come that easy to everyone who grew up, I wasn't the only one suffering, people in general had a hard time having a good heart laugh. So here's to all those moments when we laughed so hard that our stomach hurt, to the moments when we laughed until we cried, because the pleasure we get from a good heart laugh is a wonderful thing and these moments are precisely what makes life worth living."
- Tanya Anand

So Must I

I peep out of my window,
And look at the night sky, strewn with glitter,
A million stars, twinkling with childlike wonder,
As if to seek a million answers and then a couple more,
And do so unabated.
I realise, so must I.

I look out of my window and see the sun; meek at first,
Rising and shining with all its might,
And so it does,
And so must I.

I look out of my window, to see the mighty mountains,
Hail, rain or sunshine,
Standing tall in the face of all odds,
So must I.
So must I.

- Aanchal Arora

"When I opened to the last page of a book in my proximity so that I could tear a piece off to clean some stain, I found a little insignificant something scribbled by a certain someone who went from an almost friend to a bitter enemy to a forgettable being. But my hands hesitated to ravish a memory which was but significant and which immortalized a person who held no value anymore. And I wondered why.
I have faded bills saved from unpopular cafes, and torn tags from clothes grown out of. My phone gallery is 40% blurred and almost pictures. Almost because my face was probably a degree away from the best angle possible. I have screenshots saved of conversations of and about people who are blocked now and put under the to-forget list.
Even though..
I continue to explore newer restaurants with my constants, have a content wardrobe and new clothes a click away. Oh wait, scratch that! Content wardrobe is an oxymoron.
And, touchwood, I keep meeting almosts who come as a present, packed with hope, who smell of freshness and promise restoration. Today an almost, tomorrow a constant? Hmm, maybe :)))
But I'm still afraid to let go. To let go of memories. Memories which are insignificant, which don't tell the whole story, which are reminders of the ugly parts; which are damaging in nature. About things lost, of times been and forgotten, of people who betrayed, of roommates who didn't bother to turn off the fan when I was sick, of random people who truly didn't mean anything.
Possibly detrimental and mostly useless stuff.

But I'm afraid to let go. And I wonder why?"

- Apurva Ramani

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