Sunday, February 19, 2017

Random Shit #7152537

The photos are thoda crappy because bad camera plus what you see with your eyes can never be recreated really. But look at the sun! That bright orange dot (which has come out more like pale yellow). When you look at it it's so hard to believe that if you were close to it.. well you just couldn't exist close to it. It's hard to believe that it's surface is so angry and boiling. It's hard to believe it has some super strong amazing rays that disrupt life on Earth sometimes and could fry us potentially. We are under protection from it and yet on a pleasant evening you don't really believe it has any kind of power. #hiddenfascinatingthings
And imagine coupling the sun with a rainbow coloured sky! It just seems ridiculous.
This universe is a pretty amazing place and we will all die, say goodbye to everything. But I don't think it is stupid to look for permanent stuff in a temporary life. Why would you not? Certain kinds of permanence bring happiness. And yes I realize here that no person or thing is truly permanent but your relationship to it/him/her could be! Although how do you guarantee permanence? It would be like breaking an unbreakable vow thing. Am I sounding mad? But we're all mad here.
Such an ideal way to spend a life it would be. To see pretty things. To inhale deeply and not be able to speak.

Uncertainties. How much time we spend thinking about them. We obsess about them. There have been books and movies on how you can turn uncertainties to your favour just by obsessing about them. Has it worked? It worked just about half the time for me but you could never surely attribute it to my obsession. It could have happened anyway..

Days have started becoming longer again. I sit wishing for miracles. There should be lazy songs. And restless songs. I mean songs for those two moods. Yes I know there is a Bruno Mars one.

Oh so yesterday I took a huge fat walk. Usually I am with someone, yesterday I was alone. And you know how there are dark zones mommies are afraid of for their daughters? Nothing happened there. On the brightly lit main road this guy stopped me saying madam, madam. I turned around and there he was a totally random stranger asking me to sit behind him on a scooty offering to drop me. I walked away and there he came by after sometime again. Oh I know, such a typical feminist rant. But these things didn't happen in my city before. I felt like even the stares have increased manifold. But what is the point of blogging about it when I didn't shout at him? It reminded me of Kolkata- how I didn't shout at the weird abusive(ish) taxi driver or the stalker guy who kept smiling at me or the millions of guys who've sung and objectified me and asked me if I was a model. Or the guy in Mumbai whose help to zip up my bag I was foolish enough to take because then he wanted me to talk to him or the uncle at the temple. And the first guy who ever touched me (or at least the first I remember) without my consent and I was so afraid to say anything because I was so young but Didi had already seen it. Each and every one of them. There was this article I read the other day, about how some guy didn't realize what a huge problem it was until his class was asked how many people had made changes in their decisions or altered their plans even slightly in the last week just out of fear of molestation/abuse etc. The guy then saw how nearly all the girls in the class had had their hands raised. Almost 0 guys (I forget if it's almost 0 or exactly 0). That's the difference. It did strike a chord with me too. I don't think we have reached the stage of blatantly dismissing women empowerment while we still struggle to live our lives as we want to.

Hmm, that might have been a little heavy. Anyway it's a beautiful day. Evening at least. Let this be a Sunday. :)

Oh also on a lighter note -

I have violated like 10 of these. XD

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