Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Why I Can't Sit and Just Be.

I was just wondering why I can't just sit and be you know. Like just sit. Except for the fact that it's supremely boring of course. And I know its common sense but sometimes such things just hit me suddenly. :P
Its because even if you're just sitting (like I am currently), you are still leaving your trail behind. First you need a bed to put your bum on. You need toothpaste and if you are not okay with using your finger or a twig as a brush, then a real brush. You might shower outside but you need soap. You nedd clothes to wear and for these clothes you need detergent. You need food for your stomach. So ya, unless you know for sure that someone is going to make you very rich by dying or you are very rich in general, life will make you get off your lazy ass and work. No matter how much you don't want to! Probably everyone knows that but still.

See, its exam time now. Exam time means major thinking, major wasting time, major texting because you suddenly start missing people = major deep conversations and major sleepiness.

My life is a countdown right now.
9 days for my exams to get over. *Praise the Issa Massih that this day is finally coming - ya okay, I don't know how to spell it but I just wanted to be dramatic*
18 views to go to a milestone.
24 days for my sister to come home.

I am better adjusted to this place now. Don't feel that foreboding anymore. But sometimes I do wake up uneasy, but that might be the exams. The food here is pretty good though. I am not used to three times proper meals. My stomach almost can't take regular meals now. Haha.

Chris Martin had come for a visit to Delhi. That man. Of course no one ever comes here but I hope Coldplay comes here for a proper tour. A proper one because so many people want to see him here, in India. SO many. If only he knew how he makes me feel sometimes! :')

Also, ever played prediction-prediction with your friends? They guess where you will end up being? Well.. Its mostly a reflection of what you project about yourself. Their 'gut feeling' is nothing but their subconscious image of you. Ya, think about it. A friend told me that I may not being up being filthy rich but at least people will know me. So! :)

Okay lastly, compliments are soooo good to hear! One new aunty I met thinks I am awesome. Okay, fine, not awesome.. But really cute. :D

Haha. Cheerios.

Oh, oh, oh and -
"Sometimes the stars decide
To reflect in puddles in the dirt."

I really like the lyrics to this song :)

Chris is always there for me. Yay. :)

Okay now bye. :D

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