Friday, July 3, 2015

Change Sucks.

Well.. at least the shifting change does. Its not the physical exhaustion, no, I don't feel it that much. It's the psychological shit that plays out.
At least today.
I don't know if I'm making the right decisions anymore. And its stupid to dwell on it now, because what's done is done. The whole June phase that I was worried about? It's almost ending now.
But I miss familiarity. I miss home. I want home the mostest the first day away from it.
All this compromising shit about where you stay makes me want to run away and go home - with no space constraints, luxury washroom time and just comfort! The idea of home itself.. doesn't it want to make you sniffle? Make you feel like none of life's struggles are worth it?
Or maybe I am the biggest anti-change person there is.
Maybe I just need sleep. Been missing out on it way too long.
Things please change. Exams please end. I want home. Again.

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