Wednesday, July 8, 2015

To All The Words That Were Never Said.

Keep all the words in your heart, it will get congested.
Keep it all in your throat, it will choke.
Keep it all in your eyes, it might just not get reflected.

So say what you need to say.
And what needs to be said.
So that there never are any regrets.
Don't swallow them or they'll end up swallowing you.

But there is always that sign of caution!
Spew poisonous words and it will destroy you.

I don't know what I am doing with my life. Math exam tomorrow and I don't know jack. And its 1-15 in the night and I am running off to sleep already! Some things just..
Anyway, I never let my Jamshedpur water get over. As in, I filled it in my bottle and came here and now I refill it before it gets fully empty. So technically, I still have some home water with me.
It makes me feel smug and happy. Such a weird kid I am! Haha! Except you know, not a kid anymore.

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