Friday, July 10, 2015

Simply Because They Have Done Their Time Too!

Suppose the husband has had a really good day with a good presentation and many compliments and a hint of a promotion. He is feeling invincible after so many boring days and wants to savour it.

On the other hand, the wife has had a really bad day. Her head was already paining and she had already soaked the bed sheet for washing and then the maid didn't even turn up and she had to do all the work herself. Her daughter was also home sick and so there she was tending to her too. She is waiting for the husband to come home so that she can do the remaining chores and then put her feet up in peace.
[Just goes to show how much harder the household life could be. :P]

In comes the husband. Him, extremely happy. She, just tired. What will be the outcome? She nags him to finish his food fast deflating his bubble or he keeps jabbering about how great his day was (not purposely of course but sometimes you just have to share happy news with some people! :D), thereby making her miserable too.

Sure both are technically "wrong". Spoiling someone's good mood as well as increasing someone's workload and making them feel irritated and not letting them vent and complain.

What both of them want is really basic and simple too. Just a ear. Just someone to share their day with. Right? But one has to give in and be understanding. Or else there is hurt and conflict. Also true is that one can't give in constantly too.

Its so true everyday. You expect your friend or your whoever I don't know, "your person" to be there. And then you suffer because the result was not what you had expected. You expect them to adapt to your emotions. But like you have been feeling the way you do the whole day, they too have been feeling what they have been feeling the whole day. It is fricking hard to change your headspace so quick. To be from sad to happy and happy to sad. Specially if your head says that so-and-so-matter is rather trivial. We forget that after being insise their own murky thoughts, people deviate and start worrying about tangential things too - like a typical bad day! It takes a lot to adjust because you will always want to share what you want to.

What's harder is when this 'adjustment' made by the other person becomes less often after some time. It puzzles you. But maybe, its just time for you to adjust now. Maybe, just maybe this is what love is. Forgetting that you are the centre of the universe!

Sometimes you let people be. Simply because they have done their time.


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