Saturday, July 18, 2015


Whatte fun dream where I vanquished the bad guys!

Startes with someone asking my sister out. She went out in merriment - like casual dating, that's it! Then she started dating this guy whom she really liked (even I liked him), this guy went crazy. I remember that my sister and the nice guy were dining in the terrace (must have been third or fourth floor) and the previous guy goes ballistic. Starts throwing stones and keeps shouting like crazy. Meenal was like stay low but the guy was of course about defense and honour. He just replied 'kya bey' or something. I could see everything because I was inside the building (whose terrace they were on). It must probably have been my home then as I was supposed to be studying.
The mad guy went really maaddd. He was coming up to hit her or something or hit me. Suddenly I can't communicate with Meenal at all. I don't know where she is. All I know is he is after me. He knew I was on the top floor so I ran down from there and came down to the ground floor (where I met my previous PG's landlady's daughter - so apparently we were in the PG again). I asked if I could hide in the washroom. We locked the door and she asked me what was up. But I couldn't really explain because psycho man right outside the door and all. I took the sweeping lady's help. Went through the second door and asked her to inform me as soon as he came back with the keys. She stopped him and I ran off.

Scene 2
Seemed like my running away was futile because he reached home with his henchmen. Started locking all doors and windows, tying them together. My grandmom and were in the terrace area. *Yes again! *
We looked on as another man threw a big flaming torch onto the terrace. My grandmom starts getting upset and says I didn't want to die without marrying the two of you off. And I take off her sari hoping that we could escape by tying different cloths and tying them. But I come across a smaller cloth and just spread that out over the fire. It catches a little bit of fire itself instead of extinguishing it. Then I break out the water pump (like the one we have on our terrace!) with the tank's protruding metal pipe and the fire fizzles out. Then I use the same pipes to break open all the doors and get out.
Then I hear mom and dad's voice saying it doesn't matter if we have escaped. The ransom still has to be paid to that mad man. I guess they probably still had Meenal.

Scene 3
The ransom was to be dropped off at some place where huge pyramid type structures being made. A LOT of them. And so so so big. Like an industrial park but just a pyramid park instead. They were so tall even when they were partly built. Turned out that they were a part of Priory of Sion and hence the pyramids. Blame the Dan Brown books, man!
And it was 2nd October, Mahatma Gandhi's birthday. So they celebrate Lucifer's birthday that day. Haha. Yaaa. They indulge in all kinds of sins that time. This was told to us by a girl who was in the process of sleeping with someone. :P (getting others to commit the lust part of the 7 sins)
Anyway then I woke up. But I remember I had figured out a way to outsmart all of those guys! They had almost no leverage. I was going to win. Alas, I got up!

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