Sunday, July 12, 2015

A Big Shout Out! :D

You know maybe we've been taught wrong. Maybe happiness isn't supposed to be our default state. I mean we are supposed to be happy, but tears aren't weak! Everyone always tells you to be happy but no one teaches you to how really process your other emotions. Maybe you go through it to learn.
Lately, I have been talking a lot to my friends, my family even. [Although with family, its different. They just want to protect you and all if you're younger to them and so they don't tell you things and you have to keep your eyes open] Heard them suffering. And I think they are really strong people. To be destroyed, sometimes even repeatedly, pointlessly and of course needlessly. Sure there are cracks - clearly visible. But they are still standing and smiling. This makes me believe that the cracks will one day disappear too!
And with my mom. I am today wishing to be super-glued to her. I am besotted by her strength! Lately even more so! *_*
On a side note I am thinking about my mom and her 2 S's - strength and sentimentality. Meenal got all her strength and I ended up with all the sentimentality! Hahahaha! XP
I hope she doesn't worry about me now. Why would she worry? Because I just held onto her today. Told her everyone was so sad and I don't like everyone so sad. Its hard to say all that but maybe its good that I did!
I only hope if I have to face such tests, I have as much courage as them. A big shout out to them. You're doing okay. More than okay. :)
I feel lucky!
Specially with my friends too. I know its hard to comfort be because half the time I don't even tell them what's going on - never told them about dad and all. So to have been supported anyway?  To have been pulled up by them? That's pretty cool.
So yes, I feel lucky and at peace! :)
[And just imagine, today was not even one of those days when you wake up feeling today is going to be all right. Oh no, no!]

Also, with dad. I saw him sleep and he is so cute and I forgot I was ever angry with him. Haha. All these guys ever want is for you to be happy. And that is a reason to be happy. Because someone cares for you! <3

PS - My online friends, if I have any, thank you for helping me make it to my 1000 views! :)

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