Thursday, May 28, 2015

Winds, Darkness, Silence.

She closed her eyes. And thought hard.

Was it the wind that did it then?
Her company. Her noisy listener.
Was it the wind that was the balm to a sore soul, the tired soul? The adhesive between the cracks, the glue that held it all together and made it okay - just as the paper had been before she had torn it into pieces and let the winds fling them far away.

Was it the night?
The darkness interspersed with the brilliance of the stars. She was a part of something bigger then, as she watched the humans struggle to survive below her, providing the necessary white noise.

Was it the silence?
The silence that let her reconcile with what she was thinking and feeling. That calmed down the restlessness and the misery that was so hard to fight.

All she knew is, they made her stand up again.
And in that moment, she couldn't bear to open her eyes.