Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Dearest Komal :)

Hiiee Komal!
You are going tomorrow and I am sad and I didn't even give you a proper farewell or even Sach Much Aam. So, here I go, devoting this post solely to you. :)
It's the least I can do. I mean I have loved you ever since you bought me that balloon (outside that place where we had Langar) against Meenal's orders. And then you gave me Crookshanks. We struck through the whole Shantiniketan trip.
It's true I haven't known you as long as the others have but I wish I had. You are just so special and different and nice. I think I know you, that we've talked enough. We've shed a tear or two together. And you leaving this place makes me sad. It's also true that this past year I have been irregular about meeting up with you but you shouldn't have accused me of not missing you when you leave. Ptch Ptch.
Yes, you're my senior and you have often tried to remind me of it. And I have even slapped you. Haha. No, that person stalking me was not your fault. It was bound to happen. But its ultra-cute how you suspiciously asked me where I was going and with whom from the next time round.
You are like the softest person EVER. And just so cute. And so child-ish. And yet so responsible! I wish you saw that in yourself. Stop listening to all the Tannu Aunties and the Mannu aunties and their daughter's achievements. I hope you get some clarity to realize its all crap. You are worth millions of them. And anyone who makes you feel like crap, belongs to the commode - irrespective of whether you've known them from school or whatever. I hope you stop and ask YOURSELF once what you really want to do.
Most importantly, STOP accommodating people all the time. It's your life and if you have to turn a cold shoulder to others to remain happy, by all means, do so. No, 'dil ke sab acche hote hai' is a lie. People will walk over you and run you to the ground if you let them. Nobody, no girl or boy, is worth your tears. It just frustrates me to see you bow down all the time. Goodness is not about giving your all always, its about giving where giving matters.
Maybe it is not my place to say all this and most probably this will not have any impact on you because you are you but live your life. You only get it once. And its yours to live, to enjoy. Everybody is not your responsibility. But you are yours!

Enough of that.
I hope your kindness does not find a reason to get stamped out of you.
[I mean you got Ranjeet to talk. The child who has been mum since three years. Oh by the way, love how you two are. Pretty sure he won't forget you. :D]
I wish you success to your heart's content! :)
Let the showers of blessings on you be endless. :)

Lots of louve.
I will miss you loads.
You are beautiful through and through.
I truly mean it.
Hope you know that and remember that always.
Time will pass, but the KK shall live on.

From your new self-proclaimed girlfriend who is number one over the million other people who adore you -
Khushboo :D

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