Saturday, May 16, 2015

My Happiness Journey - Days 61 to 70! :D

Been meaning to write since SO long. Had been studying. Not break-ing that much really. Actually even my breaks were reserved for a certain project. Also, didn't want to disrupt the happiness thing with some unrelated post in between. So, I shall ccontinue,

Watching the world
Watching them all go insane
Look at them all
Look at them do evil things
Nothing Really Matters

Discovered this song recently :P

PS - I love love love love this chhat! <3 Please don't rain!

#100daysofhappiness #day61
Happiness is going back to my pretty little city ^_^
To home and every beautiful within. :)

#100daysofhappiness #day62
My bed. My Doodle. <3

These cuties! Sleeping with them is just the best. :')

#100daysofhappiness #day63
Happiness is seeing a thank you video by my sister this morning. :D
Sticking to mom.
And hugging dad.
And seeing a guy blow bubbles.
Missing people.
Knowing people more.
Having paneer.
Baking a cake
Life's good. :')

#100daysofhappiness #day64
Reliving old days. A 7 hour journey. :D

#100daysofhappiness #day65
Happiness is finally FINALLY coming back to an empty *clean* room.
A long cold shower.
Discovering long forgotten savings and even a clutch on cleaning a section of my cupboard.
Throwing away the not necessaries.
Having a bed.
Having people.
Escaping bad dinner and having two cups ice cream instead.
Unexpectedly missing another day of my oppressive college.
Its a good day =]

#100daysofhappiness #day66
I cried like fuck.
People want me.
Maybe I don't suffer from hiraeth after all. Maybe my home is not fictional.

[Can't attach the pictures. Nooo.]

#100daysofhappiness #day67
Sleeping and waking up to the loveliest messages :)
Trading in my pants for my jammies after such a long hard day
Turning in early after a tiring day

#100daysofhappiness #day68
Really cool, icy cool watermelon.
Heart wrenching movies.
Old people. They are so cute. :')
Helped, actually tried to help one.

#100daysofhappiness #day69
Happiness is my cute daddy. ^_^
He will really get better soon. :')

#100daysofhappiness #day70
Getting my feet stuff in order. :D
Cleaning my shoes and a pedicure :)))

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