Saturday, May 16, 2015

My Happiness Journey - Days 91 to 100! :D

#100daysofhappiness #day91
Happiness is daddy getting discharged from the hospital. Welcome back home, daddy! :)

Also, a little bit of redemption. I did in fact grow up today. :)

#100daysofhappiness #day92
Happiness is papa teaching me how to bowl with this ball. Well, at least showing me how he did it. Papa laughing at my jokes. Papa talking. Papa being normal. :)
Amul chocolate ice cream :D
Finally convincing papa to go to a better place to get cured. :)
Supportive people all around willing to help.

#100daysofhappiness #day93
Satisfaction that the best is being done for dad.
Happy for mum's backbone.

Being more responsible than I was yesterday.

#100daysofhappiness #day94
Papa getting so so so much better :D
Being responsible a little bit more than yesterday
Tasty food :)
Waking up to compliments :D

#100daysofhappiness #day95
An evening with my songs. After a really long time. Specially 'Somewhere Only We Know'. :)
Happy because my Kaka is so so good!
Still getting high off yesterday's praise. :D

#100daysofhappiness #day96
Mani Square food court meal after which kaka realized I need ice cream. :D
Papa's hugs and kisses.
Getting back to my book.
A blanket to keep me from getting cold.
An ice cream when I wanted one.
A little bit of self control. A little bit of aching for days past.

#100daysofhappiness #day97
Comfort food and babies like Samaira work wonders when you feel drained.
Also, senseless distraction through smartphones. *can't believe I am saying this*

#100daysofhappiness #day98
Papa getting discharged :D
Finally learning the dance on the song I wanted to since WHEN!
A strong worded letter from my sister being really clear for my dad.
Puchkas and ice creams.
A cold shower to remove all the stink and filth. *yeesshh*
Clearing things up and maybe going back to normal finally.

#100daysofhappiness #day99
Scooty rides. I miss feeling the wind in my hair. :)
Spending the night with mom and dad comfortably.
Finally getting to do my favourite step.
Chocolate shake and vada pao. :D

#100daysofhappiness #day100
I am happy that I am alive. Alive with a mind that works (slowly but steadily :P), that made me produce this while simultaneously sending impulses to my hand to type this. Alive with a heart that can feel so much and yet can be so contained.  Alive with all these facilities I have which I am guilty of sometimes not fully utilizing. Alive with the hope to one day do those things I am unable to finish today. Alive with all my dreams which I continually spin. Alive only because of the people who help me live my life. And I save these for the last because this took to me the longest to realize and I do forget it ever so often - Alive with the ability to see myself as I am. Alive with the freedom to be what I want to be, to change myself as I want to, when I feel like it. Alive with a prospect of a better tomorrow. Alive with the determination to become the best version of myself.
It's over now. Haww.

PS - I did continue till Day 114 but then it just wasn't a challenge anymore. Got kind of boring! :P


  1. 'Oh simple thing where have you gone?'
    Reading about your 100 days of happiness made me happy ^_^