Sunday, May 17, 2015

Music as Religion!?

Clearly, I was a little bit unhinged in my last post. Now, I have calmed down like 50%. You know how? First, I put on my headphones. [Technically, not mine - they were borrowed :P] But the music just wasn't loud enough. So, here I am, sitting right smack in the middle of the terrace. Listening to songs as loudly as I wish to - its still not loud enough - but I can at least sing along. After I finished singing 4-5 songs, I felt something come out of my system. I became conscious of the fact that I was breathing heavily. I felt my hyper die down a bit, my mind rest for a bit. And then, since my eyes were closed and I was leaning upon my laptop to hear better, I imagined someone coming up from behind me and hitting me with an iron rod on my head [SO Ghajini!] right where I was. In that brief moment, I didn't mind dying like this one bit. I was happy and at peace.
That's what music sometimes does to me.
Yeah, I know it means a lot to a lot of people too.
But my mind went back to something I had been thinking of sometime back - music being followed as religion.

I looked up a bit, and I confess there were other pages defining the characteristics of religion differently, but this one seemed more apt and more suitable for my purpose.\
Here is a list of what the characteristics of organized religion should be -

Common Characteristics: (family traits)
  • notion of a deity or absolute, that which is of ultimate concern and importance
  • ideas on the nature of human beings
  • the idea of divine providence, destiny, fate
  • the idea and meaning of human history
  • problem of evil explained
  • description of the central problem of human life and suffering idea of an afterlife-life after death
  • a concept of the world
  • ideas of human community and ethics-a moral code 
Source -

And then you think of music.
Notion of a deity could broadly mean your favourite artist(s) - whose personal life happenings you start taking personally. :P
But it does happen. Just recently. there was this whole spate of girls cutting for Zayn. Not very wise. Just that it happens.
And the rest of the things ARE expressed in songs. They do speak of humans - where we have come from, what we are and they do speak of death and hauntings. In fact, they mainly speak of who we are - our weaknesses and strengths and hope and joy and you know it! Because everyone has felt that tug of relatability at least once. No, more than once!

Yes, I haven't framed this properly.
Yes, this is very abstract.
But it is worth lending a thought to.

PS - Not so much as dying peacefully as being a scaredy cat. While I was sitting there, someone switched off the light and then I became blind in the pitch blackness and I did susu in my pants and came running down. Damn that light put off-er! *get it? :D*

Edit - Put-Out-er. I stand corrected! :P

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