Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Palace of Insecurities

I am so obsessed with this phrase. I am pretty sure I made it up. It now won't exit my head. Its like God's sign that I should do something with it. Here below lies my substandard effort. :P

It was not a path she chose
For the story starts when she was too young to understand roads
Grossly overlooked because of her missing front two tooth
The palace of insecurities laid their foundation since that time

She grew, she saw
She learnt but then she failed
Now every time anyone asked her a question
She stopped
And the palace of insecurities laid more bricks - a question a time.

She grew more and then confusion stepped in
What to be or not to be
People loudly and boisterously chose sides
Her only fault?
She couldn't decide
The Gods laughed
And added colour to the insecurities in her mind.

With every no she was told
With every time she was cut off and spoken over
The moats dug deeper
And the drawbridges closed
The insides of her mind were a terrible place

Some things she just felt, she couldn't explain,
They didn't last
She saw it rot, darkened and fading from the inside at the same time
And the place of insecurities grew stronger in her mind

By this time
She could glance into her mind
And tried to make things right
She sought help
She sought love
She sought company
Anything to help her around this time

But that was when she realized
There wasn't anybody because her palace that protected her had separated her
From all such simple joys
She was a prisoner in her own palace
And maybe she would live forever trapped in her mind.

PS - Not based on me. And the insides if her mind were a terrible place is also a phrase I love but sadly, wasn't coined by me. :P
Maybe I should have given a happier ending!

Wish someone would have told her at that time
Wish they had freed her
The tormentors who'd broken her
Were prisoners in bigger palaces
They were not perfection
They were a plea for help too
Unheard, like her, in their time

Maybe its still not okay. But I had to get that phrase out of mind!!

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