Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Eyes Don't See What They Should

Ever started forming judgements on seeing someone? Not even judgements, maybe a subconscious mental remark. The most easy example that comes to mind is religion. See a turban and kada, the mind registers it as Sikh. See a skull cap and beard, the mind registers a Muslim and so on.
Our outward appearances sometimes perhaps overshadow what we truly are. Good clothes and sophistication, coloured hair and forward thinking, beautiful and unapproachable - things like that do form a link in our minds, I believe. Somewhere in our minds, this appearance is a big part, a defining part, of their identity. But we are more than that.
What if the eye didn't see any of this at all? What if it saw souls? Individual beautiful entities with their dreams, their goals, their plans, their thoughts. What if the eye allowed the mind to give due consideration to each and every individual? Could it then even listen to the thoughts of the dirty and the messy and not shirk away. Could it then endure the boring and annoying for the beauty within?
Like seriously. Try this. Close your eyes and imagine. Like a road. But you don't see people. You see a mind. Like a little ball of soul. It's thinking and understanding. It feels and tries to make known its feelings. No bodies. A live ball. All of them same. All of them different.
Suddenly, you don't get stuck on the details and you start understanding the whys of what people do.
Should we just see people this way? I guess it would be hard. But communication would be so damn easy then!

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