Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Random Rambling.

On some days, I take long swigs from my pink water bottle and pretend I am drinking. You know, like drowning my sorrows and that kind of thing. Such a wannabe. But I have never drunk. And the pretending comes naturally. Probably, not a good thing.
[Psst - swigs goes with sad men at bar tables]

I never gn people. Ugghhh. Never. Today I did.

Some moments, some situations, which you know will always end the same way, leave you feeling like you do. And yet, you do nothing to change a thing about it. We have the power to turn tables around. Or do we? After a millionth time it happens, you start to doubt.

Today my roommate saw a small lizard on the ceiling. I just remarked - 'Don't worry. Even if it falls, it will fall on my head.' A second later, it actually fell down. Thankfully not really on my hesd. Lord alone knows where its lurking now.

Lagging so far behind with my studies. Haven't attended tuition in the whole of April.

I collected two awards on dad's behalf today. Let me correct myself, on Velani Consultancy Services's behalf. Only after I had collected it did I realize how proud it would make them. Didn't even behave as awkwardly. Maybe I am a natural prize winner. ;)

I should learn something new. I say I don't have the time. This is quite contrary to my belief of making time for things.

And sometimes my mind wanders to other lands. Wondering what it would be like to be other people. To have the qualities they have. To do the things they do. To feel what they feel and wonder if you could really ever feel that way. Fruitless pursuits.

Okay bye.
Good Night.

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