Sunday, April 5, 2015

Lessons in Life : From Family :)

Now that I am at home and starting to see things in a new light, I realized I could actually make metaphors about the people I know! It coincides with my post 30 and (since it is kind of a landmark for me) I think it is the most appropriate thing ever. :)

As persuasive as Baa.
Seriously. Baa ALWAYS gets her way. Right or wrong, the best method or the worst, she says and it is done. Like right now, I just chanted 3 rounds of rosary beads. I don't ever remember doing all this. Persuasion is the key, my friend.

As independent, as creatively knowledgeable as Faiba.
Faiba has been fending for herself since childhood. People have helped her along the way but it is certainly not easy being ridiculed by people you know for something you can't do anything about. (She is deaf).
And as for her creative knowledge, its endless. Be it rangolis or knitting or stitching or charts - name it, she knows it. If she can't, she will figure it out. She hoards to make things beautiful. She reuses even marriage envelopes and makes them unrecognizable after she is through with them.

As high a pain threshold's as papa's; as large scale as papa, as childlike as papa.
Papa recently had a catheter put in the neck region and mum said it pained a lot. It got me wondering to the amputation too. He is never given enough anaesthetics or pain medication during the procedures. I have never heard him complain about the physical pain it causes. Ever.
And as for the big scale thing. His charity is big scale. His vegetable shopping is big scale. Haha.
Oh and his childishness. Tasty, forbidden food he just has to have. That too messily. Boring conversations and he will stop listening. All softy inside. You always got to convince him. :)

As backbone-y as mumma; as strong as mumma.
Let's just say we are where we are because of mumma. You can hear 'Mumma' and 'Keshavi' in our household quite often as a last resort for all kinds of problems.
We have seen a little bit of trials and tribulations (as all families see their fair share). Mumma is responsible for our drifting across them. She prevents all our cookies from crumbling. I have this feeling sometimes that this gene has found its way into that mental Meenal's body.
Also, mumma believes in late night secret chocolate indulging! :D

As calm, controlled and tolerant as Kaka; as adventurous as Kaka.
Kaka gives off the impression of never having shouted in his life. All those con movies they have? Enter, do the operation, exit. That's Kaka for you. Enter, do the work, exit. Never talk about it.
The adventurous bit. I still see him as that college kid with his cool college friends running off to new places to do new things. Its true though. Never shies away from adventures.

As ambitious as Kaki
Nobody at the time of their marriage would have thought Kaki would be where she is today. Not even her. What was here on a small scale has become this big, blooming business.

As knowledgeable as Mama; as curious as Mama; as bookwormy as Mama; as indulgent as Mama; as good as Mama.
The first three are interrelated really. Mama knows everything about everything. That is because he is very curious and asks a lot. Reads even more.
And I guess its a mama thing but the indulgence. Hehehe. So many chocolates and nice things to eat.
Also, I get a general feeling of goodness and calmness from him. I mean all people are good but he has an aura about him.

As clear-headed as Mami; as spiritually strong as Mami
Mami is very clear headed in life and doesn't stand nonsense in any form. There is things we do and things we don't. And the things we do, we do whole heartedly and to the best of our abilities.
Her source of strength isn't any particular God. Its her meditation and good practices and the simple life. A spiritual way of life.
Also, special mention about the simple yet useful pearls of wisdom. Like, umm, of never being afraid if you know what you are doing is right.

The following two, I admit, I can't write about as I write about other people but by my impressions -
As free spirited as Kruti didi
Didi always follows her heart and does what she wants!
As gentlemanly as Harshraj bhai
So studly he is naa. Always poised and perfect and ready to help. And just nice. And good at things, you know! Also learnt from him is he art of sitting on someone's lap without giving your full weight on them. Wise.

As multi-talented as Meenal; as excess sibling rivalry as Meenal.
This girl knows everything and its just damn annoying.
There are days when I decide that enough is enough and my hatred also has a limit and I won't talk to her anymore. But here I am, praising her, for being so damn annoying. :P
Special mention - How she fights off stupidity many times with her logic.

As brave as Deepak; as reconciling as Deepak; as busy as Deepak.
He has done many things in life. Like MANY. From starting his own business to climbing water tanks and whatnot. Some I am jealous of, some I completely disapprove of. But a common thread runs through all of his antics. Courage. Bravery. Sometimes its stupid, brainless courage but its there.
All the weird things and changes we go/have gone through, but he's still there.
This guy will find the time to be busy. Honest. You could find him doing his own work, if not that then his neighbours work or maybe his neighbour's friends or neighbour's friend's friends work. Basically work. Ya.

As loyal as Doodle; as huggable as Doodle.
Doodle has literally stuck with me through all thick and thin and really never let go. And he is so patient with me. Never complains. Never demands.
Scores 10/10 on the huggability meter. :D

Special Categories:
As loving as Pranjal
So much love she has, specially for her sister. :)

As useful as Shrini bhaiya
Shrini bhaiya has been so helpful and useful in all kinds of situations, at all times and in all places. He has assumed very role he can and carried out every task he could. My family cannot function without him. It's true.

PS - I think stubbornness also runs among the females in my family. O.o

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