Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Day 100 :')

Hey people! I really want to thank you guys for being a part of my happiness in some way or the other as my 100 days of happiness challenge comes to an end. Today is Day 100 and I do wish to continue except for the fact that I am very lazy and that might be the sole reason I won't be able to continue this! But thanking all of you is very important even if you are not there in any of my days because happiness is a way of life - I believe that all of you have in some way factored in making me more comfortable (if not happy) or have at least made me smile once in the past 100 days or maybe before that - and I am grateful for it. It might have been something big or small but if you did bring about a positive change, I need to stop and say thank you. That's done about thanking. If you think about it, there are so many people on this Earth. So many you yourself see everyday in all the places you go to. But you're born where you are. You related to who you are. Out of all these people, your people wound up in your country, your city or your school or your locality or being your friends friend. Isn't it wonderful how we find each other? How in this big world your people are the people affecting you and shaping you? We would be so different without them. All of the things below now relate to my thoughts on this challenge. So read on only if you are feeling particularly patient today. I over think and write. And then be dramatic about it. But then again, what's life without drama? :D
I won't go as far as saying this challenge changed me. That would be a lie. To be honest, I was thankful before too. Just that co-incidentally these last few days have corresponded with some good changes. True, they would have happened without this challenge as well. This challenge, though, got me to enumerate these. Like on other days too, it made me find redemption on a really bad day. I don't know if there is any co-relation between these two but my sucky days went down (not in numbers but in intensity). Or at least, when I was sniffing at night my mind was really really forced to think to find one thing to be thankful about. Maybe it was the comfort I received from people after it or maybe it was a chocolate ice-cream to soothe me down later - but there again, it was redemption.
While I was thinking about blogging about this, it suddenly struck me. Today, I am happy that I am alive. Alive with a mind that works (slowly but steadily :P), that made me produce this while simultaneously sending impulses to my hand to type this. Alive with a heart that can feel so much and yet can be so contained.  Alive with all these facilities I have which I am guilty of sometimes not fully utilizing. Alive with the hope to one day do those things I am unable to finish today. Alive with all my dreams which I continually spin. Alive only because of the people who help me live my life. And I save these for the last because this took to me the longest to realize and I do forget it ever so often - Alive with the ability to see myself as I am. Alive with the freedom to be what I want to be, to change myself as I want to, when I feel like it. Alive with a prospect of a better tomorrow. Alive with the determination to become the best version of myself. I sound very Robin Sharma-esque but when all of it really, really strikes you, you feel liberated. :)
Other things that I learnt were that life is very unpredictable. I mean I was to eat Magnum today (been waiting since 31st March for it :/) but as of now (its 9:07), its not happening. And the other is that life is about choices in matters such as these. This is my cue for some really shitty examples I just came up with while sitting on this train. (Ooh, yeah this was quite unpredictable too. I came to know yesterday that I would be going home and look at me chilling here because I don't think I will ever be going home in this Steel AC Sleeper coach again. :P) Like umm, you can choose to either be crabby about the dustbin that won't open or the corners that haven't been swept properly or you can choose to concentrate on the glittery floor of the train. I am not kidding. They be adding sparkles or something. You can moan about all the weird stuff that accumulates on top of your coffee when it gets cold or find designs in that icky stuff. I only say this because I found two little flowers in my cup today. These are horrible examples. Don't judge me.
And and and, its lovely to spread happiness. Sometimes, it might mean just thanking people. Like I am doing today. Also, if there exists a food God, he is going to be ecstatic with my 100 happy days list. Hmmm, maybe I its time to move on to newer and more challenging challenges! :D
Bye awesome people. Smile today. Tomorrow too. And the day after. Actually every day then onwards. :)

Today's Happiness Picture - Me :D

PS - No Magnum. But found some leftover ice cream in the fridge! Yayy! :D

Drawing Credits - Meenal Velani. When I was trying in futile to draw a girl on the Paint thingy with just the black ink, she did the smarter thing in life. Just sketched this one in 5 minutes with all these colour thingies and gave it to me. I do not know why such things do not occur to me. Anyway. thanks bro! B)