Thursday, April 9, 2015

Crap Story (that I am so un-proud of) :D

The Story That Spelt Doom.

She stood waiting on the mud balcony, one was one of those rare nights she wished for the stars to fade away. There she stood in a perfect white dress, her dark hair flying lividly about her face, urging the sun on. She smelt in the salty sea air and felt alive. A faint smile played on her lips as she thought about time. The past year had been just like all the years before. First the meeting. For months, this ecstasy sustained her. Then came the bravery, the reassurance she gave herself that the day was to come again. Great sorrow came next at the unfairness of it all. But as the day aaproached nearer, this sorrow turned to sweetness.

She saw lovers all around her. Fighting, making up, the touches, the gestures. Sometimes she felt they were being too petty. They were being unaware of the ticking clock that would soon get the better of them. But what struck her the most was how lucky they were - all of it was so tangible, so near. Deep within she knew that they didn't have to meet to meet. She could feel him when she squeezed her eyes shut and a gust of wind suddenly blew by. She saw him in sickened eyes. She saw him in failing limbs, in the final goodbyes. Everyone was scared of him. Everyone hated him. She knew how misplaced their emotions were. They thought him to be cold. But she touched him once and she knew - he had the warmth, the brilliance of a billion souls. She was in love with The Reaper, and he loved her right back.
He was the busiest man she knew. They met only once in a year. That was when The Reaper gave his sycthe to the Angel of Death. She did a real fine job, she did. But she could never be as strong as The Reaper. She couldn't stand the pain of snatching anyone's loved ones away and so she prolonged half the people's stay. She could not help feeling smug now while she waited, as she realized she knew the secrets behind the life-death 'miracles' that happened, infact she indirectly was the reason they did happen. The Reaper thus could never stay, had to drag himself away, stop the Death Angel from becoming an Angel of Mercy.

But when they met, oh when they did. They could never let go. As though, clasping each other would prevent the inevitable. Those breathless kisses, those beautiful sighs, those talks they had about love and life. Sometimes, they just stood in silence at the corner of the beach, saying nothing, drinking each other in. She adored these, savoured these. Her mind was a scrapbook filled with them. Perhaps they were doomed from the start but then theirs was not a story that belonged to this Earth anyway.

Her mind went further back to the gruesome circumstances under which they had met. She had been too young. So was he. He had come to take away someone she loved. She begged and beseeched. He apologized but couldn't relent. He felt sorrow that he couln't show. He was anyway used to being pushed away, to being feared and hated. This girl, she felt agony down to her bones. She had a particularly hard time letting go. Being young she made no attempt to hide it and sobbed and wept. For a really long time, she stood upon that very balcony staring up at the stars, looking for the one she had lost, talk to her for she was never ready to say goodbye. But what The Reaper marked with great curiosity was that she never hated Him, never called Him names. She said thank you for taking the departed to the right place.
This drew him to her. Fortunately for him, that was a time when there had been others to help him - it was the time of the plague. So, he spared a few moments, came down to see her sometimes. He was amazed that he didn't repel him. She saw that he too was a sad, lost soul. He had earned the wrath of all but for what? He was outracized, he was banned, where else could he go? In the end, they were the same - lonely souls on different planes. She begged him to take her too. But he couldn't bring himself to. He couldn't untimely deprive her of her life - the sights, the sounds, her beating heart, her pulsating soul. He wanted her to stay here and have it all. He was not going to be selfish. She had long since stopped wasting their time to argue.

The sun finally dawned and with it came he. Oh, it was the same kind of exquisite. That understanding, that love, the talk of all the souls on Earth and above. The Reaper looked into her eyes and confirmed something he had been thinking about the whole year round. The light in her eyes was fading. Over the years, grdually yes. She smiled a lot but something gave him the impression that she did it rarely, it had become something she missed. He confronted her. She wasn't going to lie. The Earth had ceased to exist for her, it had changed too much, to give her joy anymore. The Reaper smiled at the irony. He was killing her by keeping her there. With a shake of his head he decided, her time had come, their time had come.

He carried her in his arms to the journey that would never end. Their forbidden love had just becoming. As she stepped into the chariot, which was the equivalent of crossing the threshold, she held her breath at the enormity of the moment. And down below, when they found her dead, not breathing anymore, they beat their chest, they cursed. And her beloved took the fall once more.

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