Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Because I am never done.

If I am down, and you are struggling, I will take your struggle personally. I will feel for you like the problem is my own. Like a sympathy monster will arise.
But if I am chirpy, there is no problem in life and your problem is just waiting for my solution - just any solution. An optimistic monster arises.

I like writing. You are honest when you write. And you can still make yourself sound good. Words, books, all combinations of 26 alphabets. Still blows my mind.

I think someone bookmarked me. It feels nice. If its true, whoever you are, thank you. :)
And to everyone who I have ever asked to leave feedback. I hate you if you didn't. If you are not reading this, I am secretly hating you. Just think about it.

I am finally beginning to get the feel that this is my baby. And I can write whatever crap I want. Sending a few invitations out, doesn't change much.  Nobody is bothered. The world carries on. :D

I have been putting off editing of these three - Never Been Kissed and Striking List. A minor correction in Lessons From Family. Lazy Daisy. Made a new catch phrase. :D

Something Hank Green said stuck with me. How simple plain old-fashioned thinking for even ten minutes benefits the individual so much! Although right now mindlessly typing seems nice. Can't bring myself to think.

Okay, things to do -
Buy that pink thing.
Wash those things tomorrow without forgetting
Ask today's work from Rhea
Hand over other peoples stuff to Aanchal
Clean some other shit up *moans - already put off for some distant day*
Look for the places noted down
Make that thing

Just now I had to close the balcony door. Heard a walking sound and breathing sound. No one is there. ;/

And that's all I can think of right now..

Hahaha edited this thrice. Because I am never done.

:D :D :D

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