Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Last Day of College - 09.02.2016.

So.. This is officially the end of three years. Three whole years. It scares me to death.
Its a big thing. One whose magnitude I didn't realize. Because these three years have been about so much more than education. In fact, they've been about education the least. They have been about life. About people. About values. About turmoil. About struggles. About gratitude. About myself.
Three years ago I was this stupid naïve girl who wanted to cry at orientation day because everyone knew everyone and there couldn't have been anything suckier.
Now I leave a lot, lot richer. With so much learnt.
My interest doesn't interest me anymore. Subject wise.
The middle year and a half actually was insane. I do not know what that was about. And like a meltdown causes averse economic conditions for quite some time, so did this phase.
The thing is.. I will never be able to fully tell people how much I love them. How I really feel for them deep beneath. They are all so beautiful. And maybe I should make my peace with that too.
The scary part isnt that you won't meet nice people. That's a lie. Maybe in fewer numbers, but I believe good people will turn up. The sad part is that those people won't be them.

I can't believe its time to say goodbye.
I can't say goodbye.