Saturday, February 13, 2016

Favourites' Engagement! :D

So today (technically yesterday, i.e, 12.02.2016) was my favourite brothers engagement! :D
He is too adorable and he doesn't know that he is my favourite and I am not his favourite, for sure. Damn. :/
But when the ceremony was going on and they were given the rings, bhaiya instantly got down to his knee and then kissed her side forehead. It was so cute! The bride was kind of like stopppp! :P
Other than that too, he is so full of manners and other gentlemanly things and knows how to have fun and is also funny and he is just perfect! :D

Also, Mumbai.
You know its a good city when two strangers help you by themselves.
So, I was looking for the McDonald's outside Andheri local train station. The lady I asked didn't know about it and another lady came forward by herself to direct me!
Then we were cabbing it somewhere. A vegetable seller signalled to me to shut the cab door again as it wasn't shut properly! :)
The buildings here are huge. 0 points to Kolkata on skyscrapers.
They have Ashok Leyland buses here. Red BST buses. Flat fronts.
Kolkata has Tata buses. At least the front is different. :P
Oh and a lot lot lot of mutual fund ads here!

I should write more often. My thoughts get lost otherwise. Ohhooo.
Rhea gave me the most thoughtful gift ever! :)))
Also too sleepy now.
Congrats to bhaiya and Surbhi. God bless you and keep you very very happy always! ^_^

Love. <3 :)