Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Fourth Place in Three Years!

So, I left my paying guest place on 31st of January and came to my bua's place. As the title says, this is the fourth place I have come to in three years! Shifting is still annoying but its less so. And yes, you start to keep only the important things with you when you've had to move a lot. But this time when I was shifting, there was this sense of an ending. It's all coming to an end, no? All the other people coming up to me to discuss the old times, telling me it was good to be around.. Such a weird feeling inside.
Anyway, don't have time to dwell on it now. Got to work on my term paper. Change its face. Filled out the application of Teach for India. Unpacked.
Also, won the second prize in three legged race. It has been my childhood dream to place in that race. In school I had come in fourth at this race even though we did so well in the heats. Last year as well, we were good to come in first while practising but then the ribbon broke and we couldn't do it. This time, it was different. :D
And the weird dreams I have had today!
Feeling extremely lazy and sleepy in life. Will add all I want to, later.

Eeeee :D 

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