Monday, February 8, 2016

Anger Doesn't Cut Anger

Sometimes, when anyone is angry with me, my instant reaction is to be angry back at them. Or even get angry at their reason for being angry or feeling upset for a stupid reason. But its so silly! Anger never cuts anger. All people want is to be understood. And if not understood, why stress yourself out? Leave people's issues with them. Learn to lessen the load. Leave things upto them to figure out. You have enough on your hands.
I kind of shouted at some of my friends today. 2 days to college left. I shouldn't have. But the difference is in what they thought was fun and what I saw it as. What I heard in what they said. Sometimes.. What I keep hearing. I could never have explained it. One day perhaps they'll know. It's on me, this one. They are good people and they understand even when I fake emoticons! That's enough, isn't it?

And everybody, seriously everybody needs to stop stressing.
Stop telling yourself that you have to work constantly. Stop planning way ahead.
All it does is make you crazy.
Just.. let go.
Your shoulders will thank you.

Thank you God for everything.
Bless everyone.

Good Night :D

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