Friday, April 21, 2017

Success Story #1 + 2 viruses + 3 topics to cover today 4 you!

So today I will talk about something nice and positive = my faiba's story. Like I know I have already talked about her ear problems and all but today I was learning things from her - like stitching embroidery things. And the works she's produced. Wowww. I felt like giving up education and learning how to make pretty things from her and to earn from that. That would be really cool. But then I am a fuck all person and leave things in between.
We sat down together and I thought. This is a woman who has helped her family get through tough times without even having had a chance at good higher education. I saw her hand; her creativity in physical form and all that was self taught. She used to be an arts and crafts teacher. Today she felt so happy teaching me and showing off all her fancy things which must have taken a lot of patience to produce. Today seeing me at work rekindled a lot of dreams for her - of completing all the work left undone and to teach me x,y and z and restart making cards. I will not lie it felt a little good that I could do that. She's fought like crazy and is passionate till now even at her age (sure sure sometimes it takes a little pushing). She managed to stand on her own feet and some more. I would definitely call that a success story​. I have that same blood in my veins. This Velani can probably fight adversity too. Haha. No but I really like seeing success in this manner.

I am sitting like a retard right now because I got herpes and I have put a cream thing and am waiting for it to dry off. Funny things first. I had friends asking me how I got it since they thought it was an STD and well, ya.  But can't blame them. I got herpes confused with hernia and had figured it only happened to boys.
Another reason to not blame them is I googled it myself. All pictures are of the genital hernia type. And I went around telling people I had hernia. No people, no! I have the normal disgusting kind of it. On my hands and legs. I would have shown a similar picture but too icky. Basically it's a group of pus filled boils that burn and spread around. And it's a virus thing. I am getting a cold too so double virus attack. Ughh.

Today is Rhea's birthday! :D
Amazing girl, college friend. Love her individuality and her commitment to reading and her life goals and her humour and her love for animals and other good person things.
So when I called her she told me a fun fact. Apparently the Chinese eat noodles and prawns on their birthday. Noodles give you long life and prawns are round so they bring you money.
Now I know what I am having for my next birthday. No, not prawns. Idli and noodles. Haha.

What else is nice? Umm, food. I am hungry. My perpetual hunger makes a return. XD
Until the next time when probably my result will be out. Haha idk what I want still. Will make my mom crazy, I will.

Good night peopleeeee.

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