Sunday, April 16, 2017

Hi. Would you be friends with her?

So there is this girl who gets kind of obsessive at times, who doesn't know shit, wastes a lot of times.
She is so confused and worrying about it makes her sick.
Sometimes to the point of well.. it's just scary.
Sleep seems easier to crawl back into.
I think she is tired of such days. Because she can't guess the underlying reason and so much time waste tbh.
Worry will make her hair white.
She allows small waves to rock her boat.

Its tough but I am trying to be friends with her. She balks at softness sometimes but I know it helps maybe.
I think she is a little brave under all the fear and is always trying a little bit harder.
I think she can get it all done inspite of feeling weird.. She can if she believes she can. She can manage it.
Maybe if there is a little more fight?
She doesn't tell me but I think she is good things too.

Would you be friends with her too?