Wednesday, April 19, 2017


Sample achievements of a normal person :

  • Excelled at sports.
  • Landed a scholarship.
  • Started to date the love of their lives.
  • Created something beautiful which actually saw the light of the day.
  • Travelled wherever they wanted to.
  • Hot shot job.

Sample achievements of a person with anxiety :
  • Managed to look up into the faces of people for a whole 10 minutes.
  • Managed to keep arms not crossed - like you know the most defensive body posture ever.
  • Enquired about a suitable hobby.
  • Dared to dream while convincing yourself it is completely possible to happen to you.
  • Debated whether all of this is made up or just a self sabotaging pity party ploy, and won.
  • Good meditation session.
  • Managed to concentrate on the task on hand mindfully without despairing about life.
  • Talked to 2 strangers.

Sounds martyr-y, but I swear it's not. Just thinking about it today.


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