Sunday, April 2, 2017


A.k.a the creepiest/scariest/saddest/happiest dream I have had in a long time.

I forgot what was happening before this part happened. I was in the living room probably plonked on the diwan.
I heard dad's voice from the store room asking me to come there. Now I first felt mildly annoyed, the kind you feel when someone​ tells you to do some work while you were resting. Then I realized this wasn't possible. I went to the store room and there was faiba and daadi. The I looked back at the living room and daadi came from there too. And all the hair was over her face, hiding it. And then I realized that one of them is a ghost. I panicked and still in my confusion I knew the store room daadi was a ghost. I went to the living room daadi and started to tell her all the things in great fear but then every body vanished from the scene. My vision started.. slanting? Idk. I could see the dining room things like they were slanting and twisted, like you would see things if your eyes were closing while you're falling.
But thankfully everything became okay. Then I went to tell mom about what happened.
She was in a hurry going to the office but I stopped her anyway. Daadi joined us. I told them all that was happening.
Well, all the while that this was happening, I didn't notice that dad was sleeping on the bed talking to me too!! While narrating my story!
After I was done, mom and daadi were telling me that it's okay, it happens sometimes. But then dad started talking to me. Like normal talking. Like he was right there in front of me lying on the bed covered with his sheet, talking. I started crying because his voice was exactly the same as I had been unable to remember for a long long time. Like I could remember phrases but not a long continued talk. But the other people in the room looked lost and confused with my crying, they couldn't see anything or hear anyone..

It just ended that way! :O

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