Tuesday, December 22, 2015

You will never know, nor will I.

Even when we are very close, when nothing separates us, when there is not even an inch between us and I can feel you breathe, you will never completely understand me. And nor will I understand you.

You have to give it time. But even then when our hair is white (here I know I am just assuming it isn't dyed :P), when we have grown really tired of fighting over the same things and reached a stage where one of us just gives in, even then you will be close but not just quite.

We are two different magical beings. Maybe we have always been together, but people will shape us, situations will shape us, and that is why we will be wired differently. Its beautiful in itself. How things alter our workings and how two people are never the exact same. How we will never be able to decipher because we haven't seen or felt the things the other has. You know what will happen then, don't you? You won't understand my tone or where I am coming from when I say I am scared or when I say that I simply just have to do something. You won't understand why I like things a certain way and I won't understand your pickiness. I won't understand your tone or your anger or your prejudices which you will refuse to give up. You won't understand my greed or miserliness and I won't understand your possessiveness.

Its all a part of being two separate individuals. But we can accept. Accept enough to reach a stage comfortable enough to not feel the need to explain every sentence.
A stage when I will not have to wonder whether you just said what you said like a fact or did it mean more than it seemed. A stage where it all isn't a game anymore. A stage with open communication.

I think its the least we can hope for.

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