Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Secret Santa!

You know what I want for Secret Santa?
Okay, let me be sappy today, please. I can't be sappy elsewhere!

For starters I want to exchange the person to whom I am gifting. I got the same person last year and its just not fun.

I want lots of warm hugs with lots of love telling me that everything is okay. That I can be what I want to be. That I can do what I want to. And that there is no reason to be afraid. That eventually there is your path will decide your direction and its all fun, I just got to trust. I don't know about the external validation part, but you can't hug yourself. Just can't. I like warmth a lot.

Oh and also, Coldplay tickets would do.

Some sticky situation going on here in this room of mine. Hoping for things to get sorted out! :)

What would you think of me now?
So lucky, so strong, so proud.
I never said thank you for that
Now I will never have a chance
Song for a heart so big
God couldn't let it live

I miss you. And I do love you. God promise. I still dream of you time and again. :)

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