Tuesday, December 8, 2015

A Lot of Time!

So, I was going through some old stuff and it seems like I have been bothered by the same things over and over. Some things have upset me for almost 5 years now and some things for maybe 7-8 years! (Probably I couldn't pinpoint it 7-8 years back as consciously but I think it must have been there in some measure.)

So, yes, that is a lot of time!
Am I crazy? How can anyone waste so much time! Such a shame. And I didn't even realize it before! I mean I had started having an idea about it only recently but this just struck me hard. :O

Also, I had this crazy idea about how I didn't want anyone to die and when I died there were certain things I wanted people to know - messages for people I'd known. I called it my death note. I never completed it because if you read the people I have included in it, it includes my local mudi man too! Just that exhaustive. But I got around to reading the bit I had typed. You know what's funny? I had typed this thing for dad too. And he never got to read it! How foolish I was to think my idea would work! You know, just because I happened to write about it! Hahaha! Come on. It is kind of funny. Is ironical a more apt word? I don't know.

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