Saturday, December 26, 2015

Looking Back!

So this is as my sister calls it - the awkward period between Christmas and New Year. [Merry Christmas, people!]
This  calls for the clichéd looking back at the year shit. I could have done this more properly if I could possibly remember a whole year at a go. The first part of 2015 is a blur. Ummm, I had exams during my birthday. But I had the amazeballs cheese butter dosa. Haha yaaa. Shristi accompanied me! That's January. :P
February was Tanya coming down. It was this year or last? Memory fails me. Oh wait, it was this year. Celebrated Valentine's with my girls. Got flowers for everyone.
I even had observed the Hundred Days of Happiness challenge. Really good thing that I did and should probably do it again.
Made really beautiful cards. Yes, they were so good that I can shamlessly boast about it. A comic book for my sister. Made a resolution to make a card for everyone. Broke that resolution. Made dad's birthday card and a mother's day card as well.
Ohhh yaaa, Bhavik bhai got married this year. I got to dance to a Deepika Padukone song. Not just any song but my favourite Deepika song. Deepika came out about her depression this year and opened her own foundation to help people with it.
All my relatives had come down in July celebrate mom and dad's 25th (a fake 25th because that is going to happen next year) but it was a lovely surprise nonetheless.
Discovered Lily Singh's blog. Discovered Martin Garrix was just 19! Didn't find my calling in life. Got more attracted to music. Reached my lowest point. Lowest of the low which seemed like a point of no return. Randomly bursting into tears and crap. Tried to get rid of old friendships. Didn't happen. Made new friends. Visited a counsellor for the first time ever. Lost my dad. Lost someone that close to me for the first time. Now let me take a moment to tell you that death has been my worst fear since I was a kid. I used to day dream about it and cry. But I survived it. Don't think I could go through another such shinding. Yeah, wrong word. Formulated my own theories about life. Still learning to make my own decisions. Realized everything is not as perfect as it seemed. Was envious of perfection anyway. Changed my accomodation. Twice. Got really sick of stalkerish men. Learnt marriage/children mean squat when I came across three icky married men. Got obsessed with being alone. And then not wanting to be alone. Co-made Aanchal's birthday card. Went for Afrojack. First such concert. First time to Nicco Park. First big open confrontation thing. Realized everyone, literally everyone I knew has dated at least once. Fell in love with Calvin Harris. Chris and Gwyneth split. Reached so many views. Had people come up to me and say how they liked my writing or were affected by it. I can't tell you how freaking happy I feel about that! Its one of the most amazing feelings! Learnt so so much from my friends. Went for laser tag for the first time. First time to Fire and Ice and One Step Up. Had people liking me! Ran to and fro from hospitals. Had college attendance issues. Learnt a dance routine from YouTube. Fought a little more than last year from random strangers. Started with my interview series. Studied like crazy before my second year exams. I didn't know I had that much discipline in me! Made ganache for the first time. Went on and off Facebook and WhatsApp a lot. Became more grateful. Actually became more conscious about being grateful. Wondered a lot about Sweety's family. Met Samaira before she was even one. Went to office regularly for a bit. And my college social service! Went to Udaipur for the first time. :) Komal left the city having completed her graduation. Attended a regatta for the first time. Realized I liked saying regatta a lot! Read Goblet of Fire for the first time. Didn't complete my reading list, unfortunately.

Oh, can't think of other things right now. Will keep adding them. :)

Edit -
Got my first ever surprise birthday party with the suprer awesomest personalized cake. Made and executed my first ever one day out of town beach plan. Went to a disc for the first time. Had shots for the first time. Gave my last (ever?) Math and Human Rights exam.


  1. Hey hey hey... what about your surprise birthday party (fake as we were 4 months late)?

  2. Replies
    1. Afrojack guy, the marriage guy (remember?) and our dear landlord (well, his fb profile).